Shea Good-Bye…For Real!

For months now, you have read the headlines, “Shea Goodbye”. Heck there are even DVDs with this title! But if you happen to be within driving distance of the Mets old home, then you know that Shea has been standing in some shape of form for months still. That is of course until Wednesday! Finally, the old and forever loved Shea Stadium is completely gone!
There are some that will be sad to see it go…especially those who were lucky enough to have been frequent visitors during the 1986 and 1969 season. For me, I had my great moments…but I’ll leave those for another day!
I wanted to share those last images of the finally pieces of Mets History, the house that Shea built!
Notice the orange scribble on the last piece of concrete…kudos to the brain who decided to write “Lets Go Mets!”
Fans can’t be too sad to see it go…is it me or do you only see a handful of cars in the lot???

The irony in this last shot is how after the smoke settles…what remains in the background is now a clear an unobstructed view of Citi Field!
Now we can truly put closure to Shea Stadium…lets hope Citi field brings some much needed fortune to our beloved Mets!

Let’s Play Ball America!


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