2009 Topps Series 1 -Off to a good start!

As I mentioned previously, I love baseball cards…love to collect them, love to rip cases, love to flip and sell. Just love em in general. I’ve been doing it now for about 3 years. Ironically I got back into it just before I got married…once i got engaged, my mother told me to clean out one last closet I had in her home. In that closet I found a whole bunch of old 1986 Topps cards. Thiking I had a gold mine I decided to look them up on ebay. Of course to my dismay…cards from the 80’s are worth nothing! But one positive thing did come out of this….I was exposed to the world of baseball cards in the 21st century. I was amazed by how much different the cards were and in some cases astonished at how much some of them were selling for. Within months of my finding those 1986 topps cards, Three Of A Kind Cards was born on ebay! We’ve been going for about 3 years strong now and we love it!
Now onto today…Believe it or not the 2009 card season starts way before the first pitch is actually thrown and Topps has already released their first product of the year!
Traditionally Topps Series 1 is always a big hit. But this year this stuff was loaded with tons of interesting stuff. They added letter patches of some of the greatest players ever. Now these patches were not from the acutal uniforms of the player, but they did spell out nicknames for these players. They also had base variants of some legendary players that were short printed that caused alot of stir as far as chasing these short prints. In addition, Topps decided to insert 1 of 1 sketch cards by various artists. Some of these were pretty sharp, particular the ones painted by artist Brian Kong. Some of them were kind of ehhh…as some were very vague to the point where you couldn’t even tell the player!

To me…this series is all about the base set and maybe pulling some gold parrallels of your favorite players. Below are some inserts that we pulled out of the several boxes that we pulled. By far the surprises of the our cases were the Jumbo Patch Game Used Jersey cards. We were very luck to pull 2 of these…
Brian Mccann Jumbo Game used Patch – #d to 20!

Yadier Molina Jumbo Game used Patch also #d to 20!

As I mentioned earlier, the sketch cards were pretty popular this time around. Below are some of the sketch cards we were lucky enough to pull!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
A great idea by topps was to insert short printed base variations of some of the legends of the game..some examples…
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

All in all this product was alot of fun to break. In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, they had a special Turkey Rd insert which managed to mix past legends and current stars into the set. There were of course the gold and black parrallels! Throw in the fact that this product was short printed to begin with and you have the perfect recipe for a stellar product! Way to go Topps!

This is the first of what will probably be many product reviews as we come across them. We hope you enjoy the scans of some of our breaks. If you are not a fan of cards…sorry to bore you with the reviews but as I said before…I just love cards!

Lets Play Ball America!


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