“Starting In LF #28 Daniel Murphy”

Well so much for platooning the LF job over at Citi Field this summer! Over the weekend the Mets skipper Jerry Manuel announced that the LF position would belong to Murphy. That doesn’t mean Fernando Tatis will be riding the bench just yet…seems as if he will now platoon with Ryan Church in RF…or take over the job once Church gets another concussion!

But back to Murphy. After only 131 big league at bats last year, seems as if the Mets front office though that was enough to give him the starting position. Here were his stats last year:

At Bats – 131
HR – 2
AVG – .313
RBI – 17
R – 24
SB – 0

Stats were not earth shattering, but neither was the Mets offense! Defensively he did have his shaky moments, but I think Jerry Manuel is recognizing that they need some offense in that lineup. Not too many games were lost defensively for the Mets last year. The bullpen made sure of that!

With this announcement of course comes the imminent surge in his rookie cards! If you are are a printing plate fanatic…one of his plates is currently up for $1200!! -> Hello?

Fear not, we know we are in a recession! You can pick up his base cards for about 5 bucks each. Rest assured that if Daniel keeps his job throughout the year and puts up decent numbers you should see the price of this card go up.

Now in looking at past products, Daniel Murphy does not have an autographed rookie card yet except the Signs of the Future Autograph in 2008 Bowman Draft. Don’t know if that qualifies as a rookie auto as I personally hate those sigs! But if I were Topps. I would be hurrying to get his autograph into the 2009 Bowman product that releases in early May!
But congrats to Daniel Murphy on his earning the LF position…please make Mets fans forget Moises Alou!!

Play Ball America!


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