WASHED UP – Odalis Perez

Every now and then I will induct a player into the “Washed Up” section of my blog. It says it all…you were once a player and maybe even a good player. But now…you are all WASHED UP! Leave your spikes at the door because no one would even want them!!
Our first inductee is Odalis Perez. If you were holding on to that 1998 Bowman Rookie card…now is the time to unload! Photobucket
I don’t understand this guy. Yeah he had a good 2002 and 2003 with the Dodgers but since then, this guy has been horrible! The Nationals were gracious enough to give him a minor league contract and were ready to give the guy $850K if he made the team. And supposedly he didn’t like this offer!! What was he expecting with these 2008 stats :
Wins – 7
Losses – 12
ERA – 4.34
Inn – 159.2
WHIP – 1.50!

This guy was giving up a baserunner and a half per inning! He went from being a pretty decent 3 or 4 starter to not even being able to break minor league camp! If he thinks someone will give him more…I think he’s an idiot! I really hope a team does not plunk down money for this bum! What’s worse is he just didn’t report to camp? Didn’t negotiate or meet with the front office…just didn’t show up to training camp! To me that shows no class at ! Like I said before…WASHED UP!

Let’s Play Ball America!


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