The Common Dilemma – How Do You Sort?

Everyone loves a good case break! I used to break boxes and cases by myself, but it wasn’t too much fun after a while! Sure there was the occassional hit, but when you were ripping packs at 1 in the morning while the rest of the house was asleep and you pulled a great card, who were you going to show??? Who were you going to jump up and tell how much you love them when you hit that big card?? So, I started to rip with the rest of my family (wife and 1 daughter) and they caught onto it really well (or at least are faking it well!) and they have helped me solve my “common dilemma” of sorting all of the common cardsFrom a case rip. As one person rips..the other semi-sorts.

So that brings me to my question of the day…how do you sort all of your commons after a box or case break?

A set like Topps Series 1 or 2 or especially Heritage can take alot of work to collate. I typically like to semi- sort them as we open packs by the ‘tens’ place in the card #’s. Meaning all cards #d 1-9 in one stack and cards #d 10-19 in another and so on and so on. Once all of my packs are opened then we go back at a later point and sort out each stack. My reasoning for this is because while I don’t have anything fully sorted, its at least easy for me to find card # 54 if I had to. I know it would be in the stack with the 50s! Much easier than looking through stacks of common.
So how do you do it? Let us know…maybe we can find a universal solution to the never ending….”Common Dilemma”!


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One Response to “The Common Dilemma – How Do You Sort?”

  1. Greg A. Says:

    I generally just pile ’em up when I’m ripping, setting aside the inserts and hits. Then I go back and sort ’em into 10s piles like you do. I leave the last few inches of desktop space closest to me empty so then I go back and take each 10’s pile and lay out 1 thru 10 in order. I pull out the dupes and stack up what’s left. Usually I’ll be compiling the list of what’s missing as I do this.
    I’ll keep the set in numerical order until I go to put it in sheets and a binder (which I only do to certain sets). Then usually I’ll sort ’em into teams, with the team card first and the major stars right after that, then the manager if he’s included, and the commons. Multiplayer rookie cards go at the end. I used to sort the teams in order of my personal preference, but I’ve moved to sorting them into the order they finished that year.
    Some people think of sorting (and pulling cards from boxes) as work, but as you can probably tell, I think it’s the fun part….

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