2006 Team Fleer – Where Are They??

So as I was relocating and settling into my new place there is always that time spent sifting through old items. Of course, I came across one of the very first sets that I completed shortly after I was re-introduced
into card collecting back in 2005 was the 2006 Fleer Set. The 2006 Fleer set was
huge! A whopping 400 cards in the set! Now don’t get me wrong, they weren’t
pretty or anything, they were ehh in design! But it was the idea of tackling a
400 card set that was always fun. True Topps gives you 990 cards, but you have
to wait almost a whole year to put that together once all 3 parts of the release
are out. Fleer used to put all 400 cards out in one set.
Back in 2006 one of the insert sets that was included was a set by the name of
Team Fleer. To date, this was the nicest looking set that I have seen in all of
the cards I have ripped (not including chrome cards). There were only 25 cards
in the set but they were extremely short printed. There is currently only one
card on ebay and I have never been able to find any on sportslots.com. There was
something about this design that was striking. The player poses on the card were
great. They weren’t boring like the base Fleer cards. The design was well done
as they looked pretty much like holograms. When I opened my two cases I remember
only being able to pull one of these cards per case. Since then I think I’ve
been only able to pick up a few of these on ebay. Any idea where all of the Team
Fleer are? Do you have any Team Fleer??
2006 Team Fleers


2 Responses to “2006 Team Fleer – Where Are They??”

  1. Chris Harris Says:

    The Team Fleer’s were case hits: 1:360/packs. I was fortunate to have pulled a Jose Reyes, but I’ve yet to see another.

    • threeofakindcards Says:

      Funny, I was looking for a Reyes at one point and I could’ve sworn I eventually got one, but I guess not. The set is only 25 cards big but it would be pretty hard to put together! Good Luck!

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