Change Can Be Hard But Its Always Good!

I have to apologize to my blog and any followers I might have had. I pretty much disappeared without a trace or an explanation. Three of A Kind Cards didn’t disappear, we are still in business. But there was lot going on with me personally. I was fortunate enough to move out of our cramped apartment and with my family moving, so did my business! There was alot of change and I was actually without internet for a short while. In short, it took some time to get settled in…but now I have and now I am back updating this blog!
Yes there was change and it took me a while to adapt to it. But now that I have, I know that we will be back bigger and stronger than ever. I look forward to getting back to bringing my readers as much information about the hobby as I possible can. Whether its release info, case breaks, or product reviews…whatever. If its baseball or baseball card related, I plan on bringing it to you…whether you like it or not..LOL
Apologies again for disappearing, promise it won’t happen again! Now get ready to enjoy some more babbling from me on the thing we all love…BASEBALL!
Play Ball America!


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