The Hot Stove – MLB’s Own Revolving Door!

It fascinates me every year throughout winter that once December hits there can be 3 other professional sports in full swing yet people start to talk about baseball again! Sure there is that lull in November, kind of like a baseball/Worlde Series hangover where the media actually leaves baseball along for a few weeks. But once those winter meetings come around, Tiger Woods can have multiple mistresses, the New Orleans Saints and Indy Colts are undefeated, there is a professional hockey team up for sale, and all anyone wants to talk about is the hot stove! Gotta love it!!

And this Hot Stove is always churning, I mean, I don’t even think some of the major websites have all of the transactions listed as they occur! I get dizzy sometimes trying to keep up. Therefore what I will try to do is keep this post updated with all of the transactions as they have occurred. Not like I said, if these transactions are always occuring, I will probably not be up to date! So if you see a transaction not listed, leave me a note in the comments section. No rumor mills please, only transactions.

68 more days til pitchers and catchers report…there could be alot more brewing on this hot stove!

MLB Winter Transactions
New York Yankees:
-Signed Andy Pettitte To A 1 year Contract
-Obtained Curtis Granderson From Detroit Tigers and traded away Ian Kennedy (ARI) and Phil Coke (DET)
-Trade away Brian Brunney (WAS) for a player to be named later
-Released Jose Valdez (HOU)
Boston Red Sox
-Signed Marco Scutaro to a 2 year contract
-Signed Tim Wakefield to a 2 year contract
-Obtained Boof Bonser from Twins
-Released Billy Wagner
-Released Alex Gonzlez (TOR)
-Released Jonathan Von Avery
-Released Takashi Saito (ATL)
-Exercised option on Victor Martinez, will return
Tampa Bay Rays
-Exercised option on Carl Crawford
-Obtained Jesse Chaves from Pirates via trade
-Signed Greg Zaun to a 1 year deal
-Obtained Kelly Shoppach for a player to be named later
-Traded away Akinori Iwamura (PIT)
-Released Ramon Ramirez
Toronto Blue Jays
-Signed Alex Gonzalez to a one year contract
-Signed John Mcdonald to a two year contract
-Signed Bryan Bullington to a minor league contract
-Released Marco Scutaro (BOS)
Baltimore Orioles
-Obtained Kevin Millwood via trade from Rangers
-Declined club option on Melvin Mora
-Obtained Armando Gabino off waivers
-Obtained Craig Tatum off of waivers
-Released RAdhmaes Liz (SD)
-Released Jamie Walker (free agent)
-Traded away Chris Ray (TEX)

Minnesota Twins
-Traded away Boof Bonser for a player to be named later
-Signed Armando Gabino off of waivers
-Obtained JJ Hardy via trade and gave up Carlos Gomez (MIL)
Detroit Tigers
-Obtained Phil Coke Via Trade
-Signed Adam Everett to a one year contract
-Signed Brad Thomas as a free agent
-Obtained Max Scherzer via trade
-Obtained Daniel Schlereth via trade
– Traded away Curtis Granderson (NYY)
– Traded away Edwin Jackson (ARIZ)
– Offered arbitration to Brandon Lyon
-Offered arbitration to Fernando Rodney
– Lost Placido Polanco (signed with PHI)
-Traded away Clay Rapada
Chicago White Sox
-Obtained Mark Teahen via trade
-Signed Omar Vizquel to a one year deal
-Signed JJ Putz to a one year deal
-Signed Andruw Jones to a one year deal
-Signed Mark Kotsay to a one year deal
-Claimed Alejandro De Aza off of waivers
-Traded away Josh Fields (KN)
-traded away Chris Gets (KC)
-Released Jimmy gobble
Cleveland Indians
-Traded Away Kelly Shoppach (TB)
-Released Luis Vizcaino
Kansas City Royals
-Signed Jason Kendal to a two year contract
-Obtained Josh fields via trade
-ObtainedChris Getz via trade
-Signed Juan Abreu
-Traded away Mark Teahen (CHW)
-Decined option on Coco Crisp
-released Sidney Ponson
-Released Mike Jacobs

Anaheim Angels
-Signed Bobby Abreu to a 2 year contract
-Lost Chone Figgins to the Seattle Mariners
-Released Justin Spier
Texas Rangers
-Signed Rich Harden to a one year deal
-Obtained Clay Rapada via trade
-Obtained Chris Ray via trade
-Claimed Joe Inglett Off Of waivers
-Traded away Kevin Millwood
-Released Ryan Freel
-released jason jennings
-Lost Andruw Jones to the Chicago White sox
-Lost Ivan Rodriguez to the Washington Nationals
-Lost Omar Vizquel to the Chicago White sox
Seattle Mariners
-Signed Chone Figgins to a 4 year contract
-Signed Ken Griffey to a one year contract
-Claimed Yusmeiro Petit off of waivers
-Signed Jack Wilson to a two year contract
Oakland A’s
-Signed Joey Devine to a one year contract
-Obtained Aaron Miles via trade
-Obtained Jake fox via trade
-traded away Jeff Gray (CHC)
-Lost Bobby Crosby to the Pittsburgh Pirates

Philadelphia Phillies
-Exercised option on Cliff Lee
-Signed Placido Polanco to a three year deal
-Signed Brian Schneider to a two year deal
-Signed Juan Castro to a one year deal
-Signed Ross Gload to a two year contract
-Lost Pedro Feliz to the Houston Astros
-released Rodrigo Lopez
NY Mets
-Signed henry Blanco to a one year contract
-Signed Alex Cora to a one year deal
-Signed Chris Coste to a one year deal
-Lost JJ Putz to the Chicago White Sox
-Lost Brian Schneider to the Philadelphia Phillies
– Released Marlon Anderson
Atlanta Braves
-Signed Tim Hudson to a three year contract
-Signed Takashi Saito to a one year deal
-Signed Billy Wagner to a one year deal
-Signed Juan Abreu to a one year contract
-Released Tom Glavine
-Trade away Rafael Soriano
Florida Marlins
-Obtained Hunter Jones Via trade
-Traded away Jeremy Hermida (BOS)
-Traded away Matt Lindstorm (HOU)
-Released David Davidson
-Lost ross Gload to the Phillies
Washington Nationals
-Signed Ivan Rodriguez to a two year deal
-Claimed Doug Slaten off of waiver
-Obtained Brian Brunney via trade
-Released Saul Rivera
-released Jorge Sosa
-Released julian Tavarez

St. Louis Cardinals
-Signed Brad Penny to a one year contract
Chicago Cubs
-Obtained Jeff Gray via trade
-Lost Rich Harden to Texas
-Traded away Aaron Heilman
-Traded away Aaron Miles
-Released BJ Ryan
-Released So Taguchi
-Traded away Jake Fox
Milwauke Brewers
-Signed Randy Wolf (pending physical)
-Obtained Carlos Gomez via trade
-Claimed George Kottaras off of waivers
-Traded away JJ Hardy
-Declined option on Braden Loopers
-Lost Jason Kendal to the Royals
-Claimed Luis Cruz off of waivers
-Lost Jason Bourgeoius to Houston
-Released Jesus Colome
Cincinatti Reds
-Signed Ramon Hernandez to a one year deal
-Signed Jose Valdez to a one year contract
-Claimed Craig Tatum off of waivers
Houston Astros
-Signed Pedro Feliz to a one year contract
-Obtained Matt Lindstrom via trade
-Claimed Jason Bourgeois off of waivers
-Lost Latroy Hawkins to the Brewers
-Lost Chris Coste to the Mets
-Released Brandon Backe
Pittsburgh Pirates
-Obtained Jesse Chavez via trade
-Obtained Akinori Iwamura via trade
-Signed Bobby Crosby to a one year contract
-Released Craig Monroe
-Lost Luis Cruz to Milwaukee

LA Dodgers
-Exercised option on Manny Ramirez
-Lost Juan Castro to the Phillies
-Lost Randy Wolf to Brewers
-Released Shawn Estes
Colorado Rockies
-Released Russ Ortiz
-Decline option on Yorvit Torrealba
San Franciso Giants
-Lost Brad Penny to the Cardinals
-Signed Freddy Sanchez to a two year contract
San Diego Padres
-Claimed Radhames Liz off of waivers
-Lost Henry Blanco to the Mets
-Released Cliff Floyd
-Released Shawn Hill
-Released Duaner Sanchez
Arizona D-backs
-Exercised option on Brandon Webb
-Obtained Ian Kennedy via trade
-Obtained Edwin Jackson via trade
-Obtained Aaron Heilman via trade
-Traded away Max Scherzer
-Traded away Daniel Schlereth
-Lost Yusmeiro Petit to Mariners
-Released tony Clark
-Released Tom Gordon



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