A ‘Tweet’y Bird Told Me…

As many of you might now, I have finally found Twitter and it has started to become and obsession of mine! Its enabled me to get a little bit of insight into the daily happenings of certain ball players and at the same time help keep with with the latest news. I decided, why not share this information with all of my readers? From time to time I will post a this column “A Tweety Bird Told Me…” and I will bring you in my opiniong the latest things that baseball players or baseball beat writers have tweeted. I’ve already raised my eyebrows and some of the messages I’ve received. Feel free to comment!
A Tweety Bird Told Me That
-Mets might have already made an offer to John Lackey!

-Nick Swisher of the NY Yankees encourages everyone to ‘Give’ this Holiday season!

-Blake hawksworth of The St. Louis Cardinals is a big UFC Fan!

-Tommy Lasorda is in the Dominican Republic where he loves eating the native food “Mondongo” (LOL)
-John Lannan of the Nationals gets his butt kicked by an 11 year old in Air Hockey at ESPN Zone (LMAO)
-Colorado Rockies allow Garrett Atkins to become a free agent!
-Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers is a huge Lakers fan and he just got a new tattoo
-Evan Longoria welcomes Rafael Soriano to the Rays!
-Cincinatti Reds announce that tickets go on sale today (Sunday) for their first spring training game.

That’s all for now!
Play Ball America!


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