Market & Rain Foil My Trade

A cold rainy sunday afternoon in December. That’s what I was faced with yesterday. To me that seemed like the peefect formula to visit a card show and try to snatch up some deals or make some trades for new wax. Maybe it was the weather but when I got there the show was a ghost town. There were about 20 dealers there each with their own tables. Most were selling vintage cards but a little less than half did have current cards. My main focus was to bring some cards and pull off a trade for a high end box and go home and spend some time on a rainy day ripping This was tough to do here since only 3 vendors were actually selling boxes! I eventually set my sights on a vendor selling 2009 Topps Unique. He wanted 105 for the box. Luckily for me he was willing to trade for the right price. I showed him the following:
-09 Triple Threads pulls which included a triple relic/auto of Orioles greats Jim Palmer, Frank Robinson and Eddie Murray #d to 9

-2007 Finest Chamberlain auto BGS 9.5
-2009 Topps WBC Auto of David Wright #d to 100
-2008 heritage Yogi Berra real one auto
-Tim Lincecum 08 Finest RC BGS 9.5
-Phil Hughes 04 Topps Traded RC BGS 9.5
And there were some other less notable cards in there.

The guy only wanted the Wright auto and he still wanted me to pay $35 for the box of Unique! Which basically means he was trying to value my Wright auto at $70! Now as many of you might know I am a met fan and if I am ever going to sell or trade a met, then you know I am going to ask for top dollar. I’ve seen about 2 or 3 of these cards go for over $100 easily. At the end I didn’t pull off any trades. I drove home with a feeling of maybe I should’ve done it? But then I hung my hat on this. A dealer at another table had purchased a box of Unique from the same dealer I was trying to trade with and pulled a ‘Unique’ triple relic of Carlos Beltran David Wright and Jose Reyes as well as a Ryan Braun jumbo patch and auto #d real low in the same box. I say rare on the triple relic because the Beltran relic was yellow and the Wright patch was black and red? Since I saw those pulls it was in my head that maybe that guy had the hot box from that case. My luck couldn’t be that good, especially to undevalue my David Wright auto!

At the end even though I felt a little of the “would’ve could’ve should’ve”, I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger. The underlying sentiment at the show from dealers is that no one is buying right now which make is difficult for them to offer any decent prices to people trying to sell them stuff. We all know the economy sucks and its clear as day that the effect on cards is that it is really dropping the value of some higher end cards. Another example of this was another card I saw being sold- a 2001 topps pujols rookie graded 9.5 for $100! The hairs on my neck stood at attention, I looked at it again then looked at my pregnant wife smiling next to me and said “Nice price guy, good luck!”

My conclusion, if you have cash on the side that you can spend, get the bargains now, there are so many out there! I hope, as well as many others do, that this is just a temporary lull in the market for cards and even if its not, ripping wax still rules!

Play ball america!


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