A Dollar And A Baseball Dream!

Every now and then I like to indulge and play the lottery lilke most people. Just last night I saw that the Mega Millions was up to $118 million! Each time I allow myself to daydream about hitting it big the common daydreams flash by: pay off the mortgage, take a vacation, secure college for the kids, yada yada yada yada.
But these days my daydreams have started to take on a different appearance whenever I play the lottery. At least in my area (NYC) there doesn’t quite exist a one stop baseball “paradise” if you will. I assume probably because the Mets and Yankees have new ballparks and everyone is flocking there. Sure there is the occasional hobby store, but that’s not enough for me. I’m looking for more? If you’ve been reading this blog, then you might know that while I love cards and ripping wax in general I also have a profound love for the game of baseball itself. So in keeping with that theme, here is what my baseball paradise would look like and I really hope one of these days I can make this dream a reality someway somehow! I would need a pretty large space for this but remember if I hit the lottery, this is do-able right?? LOL

The place would have 4 sections. The first would of course be a baseball card section called the “Card Closet”. I would host case rips here and have a huge assortment of boxes and singles for sale. I would have tables set up for ripping and electronic catalogs of all our inventoried singles in case you were trying to finish a set. No more flipping through boxes, look it up on our catalog. Now here’s the part I like. I would have a “Rippers Club” where you would pay an annual membership fee payable in December or January. This fee would give you the priviledge to rip one box of every baseball product that would be released during that year. Each time a product would be released you would come to the store and your box would be waiting for you. Now if you were a high roller. I would have the same club exist but instead of boxes, it would be cases! There’s nothing better than to rip wax with people who share the same interests! Imagine that..ripping a new release of A&G with people that actually care about it? Maybe trading right there on the spot to finish a set?

The 2nd section of the store would be a big screen tv room that would show baseball games every day during the season. I think I would call it something like ‘Every Inning’ room. I would need a few screens to show multiple games but the idea would be buy your wax in the ‘card closet’ and come watch your team’s game in the ‘every inning’ room. I would call it every inning because I would keep the store open everyday until the last pitch of the day is thrown, including west coast games! Curious to see how many people would stay every night til the place closed!! LOL

The 3rd section would be a food concession stand. Simple and straight forward. Serving standard ballpark concessions with the occasional different menu selection.

The 4th and final section would be called The Arcade. It would be a mini dave and busters if you will but most of the games would be baseball themed. You would be able to accumulate points from the games for baseball themed prizes such as baseball cards of course! Kids would be able to host b-day parties here as well!

The name of the place…I have that too…I would call it “The Diamond” since of course the place has four parts to it.

I have so many other ideas for this place but I’m not going to list them all here as it would just bored every to death most likely! All in all this place would be not only for hobby enthusiasts but a family place too. I think most people would agree that of all the major sports out there, baseball is the most family friendly game out there. Imagine walking into “The Diamond” with your wife and kids one night and telling them “ok honey, I am going to go rip my box of triple threads from the rippers club, go take the kids to get a snack and play some games. Meet you in a half hour in the ‘Every Inning’ room to catch the game!”

Hey if I can’t make this a reality then maybe I’ve given someone who can do it a nice idea. If you happen to adopt this idea and carry it out, please let me know! I would love to visit!

Man….a dollar and a baseball dream!
Play Ball America!


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2 Responses to “A Dollar And A Baseball Dream!”

  1. Derek Says:

    I like it a lot. I’m more of a football fan.. I would never leave the place if you opened a football paradise.

  2. threeofakindcards Says:

    I hear you…maybe we we can share some space with football in the winter months!! LOL

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