Seize The Opportunity!

So its the middle of December and baseball card releases are for the most part leaning towards the high end products. For those of us who want no part of the risk in pulling a triple relic auto of Clayton Kershaw or logo man of Ian Kinsler, it around this this time that some in the hobby go and seek out that special card that they’ve been after for a while but couldn’t afford. In December you typically see prices come down across the board on cards. My fellow cardboard slingers, this is the time to find those items you’ve longed for a get them on the cheap! Seize the opportunity!

So what are those items? What have you been after? I would like to know….leave me a comment.

Here are a couple of mine. Problem is my wife is due to give birth any day now. For the most part, I am not allowed to spend any personal money on the personal collection. Might have to go out and sell some cards to raise those funds! Happy hunting for those sales!

Play Ball America

2002 Bowman Chrome David Wright Auto
Latest Ebay Sale Price: $166.52
This card has come down alot in price. The drop is probably also helped by the fact the Wright had an awful year in 2009. Will he rebound?


2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Evan Longoria Autograph:
Latest Ebay Sale Price: $142.50
While this price has not come down as much as the Wright card, I think this card is still undervalued. My opinion of Longoria is that he will be one of the best third basemens to ever play the game. Get in now!



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3 Responses to “Seize The Opportunity!”

  1. Seize The Opportunity! - Blowout Cards Forums Says:

    […] […]

  2. Sharpe Says:

    I’ve been trying to find a 2009 Prince Fielder Goudey Graph and any on-card auto of Alex Gordon that A) Looks cool and B) Doesn’t cost $499.

    I haven’t seen another Fielder come up in months and Gordon doesn’t have anything out there that I’m interested in within my price range. Mauer is one of my other favorite players and I totally missed the boat on scooping up one of his autographs while people were saying “he’ll just never hit for power”. I don’t want the same fate with Alex.

  3. threeofakindcards Says:

    Hey sharpe, if I see something I will definitely let you know! Good luck, seize the opportunity.

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