Joo-noo, Jo-no, Jo-no, Jo-nooo, Jo-no, Jo-NO!

Joo-noo, Jo-no, Jo-no, Jo-nooo, Jo-no, Jo-NO!
As if you haven’t seen enough antics from the Mets these days now comes allegations the Mets superstar Jose Reyes could possibly be linked to the same doctor that Tiger Woods was ‘allegedly’ getting performance enhancing drugs from. Reyes has been in town the last couple of days appearing on the local sports networks and yesterday lent a hand at a local coat drive. The NY Daily News caught up with him and asked him some questions regarding his visits to Dr. Tony Galea. So what’s big about this? You can read about him here. His assistant was also recently stopped at the Canadian border with needles and in posession of HGH which reportedly belonged to Dr. Galea.

Of course, now reports surface, that Mr. Reyes is visiting this doctor! According to his interview with the Daily News, Reyes visited this doctor in the hopes of having his ailing hamstring cured with his blood spinning techniques. Obviously since we didn’t see Reyes at all alst year, these techniques did not work. Which leads to the next question. If the doctor’s assistant was stopped with HGH and Jose is visiting this doc, remember spring training 2009? Mets fans might recall Jerry Manual talking about moving Reyes to the cleanup spot last spring because he wanted to see Reyes hit more home runs…yeah, ok! Why would a guy who’s got tremendous speed all of a sudden start to hit for home runs is what I said last spring? And really, why has it taken so long to cure this ailing hamstring? I don’t know about you, but something doesn’t sound right hear to me. To me this is absolutely horrible seeing as I have been a big Reyes fan since he came up. Anyone who tried to bulk up for power will naturally lose some of his speed and that was what made him Jose Reyes. Keep tinkering with your body and look what happens! And shame on the Mets and Reyes himself for allowing him to visit a doctor who isn’t liscensed in the US!! What are these guys thinking!?!? Did I also mention that I get occasional reports from my single buddies who continue to see our friend Mr. Reyes dancing it up in the nightclubs in NYC? Let me guess, dancing is supposed to cure the hamstring?

What has this done to his cards? A recent look on the ebay found that his 2001 Bowman Chrome rookie REFRACTOR recently sold for a mere $43! This is a refractor too. Mind you this card has sold for over $100 within the last year. I know, because I’ve had my eye on them. Another example, I recently pulled a 2009 Triple Threads relic auto of Reyes and all of the offers I got were under $20. WOW!!

Lets hope our friend Jose can bounce back this year and perform like the old Jose. I don’t want to hear any talk of homeruns or anything like that. Get back to basics, get on base, steal some bases and play defense. And stop visitng Dr. Galea!

Play Ball America,


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