2009 Topps Unique Review

I decided to jump in and try my hand at a case of 2009 Topps Unique this week. If many of you read my post from earlier in the week, I wrote about how I just missed out on a trade last Sunday for a single box of Unique. Not doing the trade left me with that sense of ‘what could’ve been?’. So I decided to run up the credit card and get a case of the stuff to do away with those feelings!

I won’t go on at length with details of the break. You can see the results here on the Blowoutcards.com boards. Instead I will give you my thoughts on the product itself. By all means, this post is not intended to be a “first look” review. I know the product has been out for a while. Its simply my perspective on how I saw the product.

It could be because I haven’t opened too many higher end products but I was looking forward to busting this case. The box design itself was pretty neat. To me the black gives it more of a bold look. If I was looking at it on a store shelf, it would be saying to me “Hey Look At Me!” . Maybe its just because I like the color black. LOL

When you look at the base set it looks like just another Topps set. There are rookies thrown into the set and those are#d 2699. There are also parrallel versions of the base set – Premier, Select, Reserve, and Unique which is 1/1. Whoever named these parrallel sets probably drinks alot as it sounds like different levels that certain Rums and Whiskeys are ranked at! Personally I am not a big fan of non chrome parrallels in generals as in series 1, 2 and update and now Unique. My take on these all together is do away with parrallels and give us some more relics and autos! As far as the base set goes I will probably keep one as I hope that Topps does not release this set every year and keeps it a ‘unique’ product…sorry, I had to!

The insert sets were ok except the ‘unique unis’ set. In my opinion this was one of the best insert sets I have seen in a while. The set shows players in rare uniforms that they probably wore during special promotion games that each team has throughout the season. It was good to see Topps breakaway from using the same pictures of players over and over again in all of their sets and give us up close pics of players in rare uniforms. Good job there Topps!

Now onto the hits! I might be biased here because I had a relatively good break, but I think Topps did a good job in mixing up the hits throught the case. Yes the ‘Solo Shot’ jerseys and autos were boring after a while, but just as you got bored, a Prime Time patch or ‘Jumbo Swatch’ would pop up to excite you. And let me tell you when you held a pack with one of these inside, you felt excited because that pack felt pretty thick! The button autos of course looked great. I like the fact that most of them are #d to six as there are typically only 6 buttons on a jersey anyways. The granddaddy of all the inserts is of course the MLB logo auto. I am pleading with Topps to not use this type of insert in any other product. If they do this idea will get watered down and it will become like every other hit type. Each of their brands should have a trademark to it that shouldn’t be used for any of their other products. Just like A&G has the rip card, leave the MLB Logo Auto as this brandss staple!
I read some reviews where people thought that this product was just crap. I will be honest, sometimes when you just buy a box you will get unlikely and not get much. But at the case level, I think Topps did a good job and adding value here and making this product, if not unique, at least very different than most of their products!
Below are some scans of the bigger hits from the product, enjoy!

Play Ball America,


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6 Responses to “2009 Topps Unique Review”

  1. jswaykos Says:

    Kills me that they can have a dual auto of Peavy and Beckham with BOTH in White Sox gear, but your MLB logo patch is of Miguel Cabrera from his Marlins days???!?!

    For as negative as the reviews have been, there are some really nice higher end hits in this stuff – I love those jumbo patches!! Unfortunately, single boxes are a bit overpriced, especially when you only pull three “solo shot” relics/autos.

  2. threeofakindcards Says:

    I agree. For you to take a chance at a single box, you have to get a real good deal. Other than that, its best if you go for the whole case, if your finances allow for it.

    I wondered the same thing about the Miggy patch. I pulled a Giambi swatch as well from his Yankee days. To me, there’s isn’t anything Unique about that…its more like old!!
    thanks for reading!

  3. giantsfan1000 Says:

    Do you trade? I would be interested in that Cain or one of the patches.

    Let me know,


    thanks! and nice break

  4. threeofakindcards Says:

    Hi Giants fan, let me know what you have, I would consider trading for that card. Email me legacyny99@aol.com

  5. Sooz Says:

    I agree with an above poster. This kind of product you cannot buy just one box. I’ve seen horrible box breaks. But as a case, you get some really nice stuff.

    However, still not worth the price point, IMO.

  6. Audry Riccitelli Says:

    I’ve actually written quite a few articles my own on my own website but I’ve never really come across something like this

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