2009 Topps Tribute & 2010 Topps Heritage

Two quick updates on these products, Topps announced today that they have completely sold out of their 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball products. Which means if you didn’t secure your cases yet, your only chance to do so now is with an authorized Topps distributor. Make sure to secure your cases, this product, as always with Heritage should be a great product!!

2009 Topps Tribute release date has been pushed back to January 7, 2010. This product better be worth the wait. The initial release date was back in November and Topps continues to push back the release date. The buzz around the hobby was that Topps was piling on too many release dates back to back. With Heritage High, Unique, T206 and Bowman Draft, Topps was looking to release their fifth product within 30 days of each other. Let’s see if 1/7/10 is the acutal release date! I for one have been looking forward to this product. Below are some pictures of a couple of the cards that were previewed on other sites. Come on Topps, release the Tribute!





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