A True Mets Fan!

Call me a glutton for punishment but I have been a Mets fan all my life. Its not something I’m bragging about, just putting that information out there since many of you probably don’t know much about me! I was afterall born in the Corona area of Queens, a few blocks from Shea Stadium. I can remember always asking my parents to go to “that” building. Of course when I was 5 years old in 1980 I was probably the only one that wanted to go there! So finally I was taken to my first Met game. It was in September and of course the Mets were out of it. It was empty that day and we sat in some good seats as a result of that AND it was Maxwell House Coffee Knit hat day! I said to myelf good hot dogs and they give away free stuff there? Til this day I still have the hat and I still love the Mets!

They were kind enough to give me some good years in the mid to late 80s and in my adult years I was fortunate enough to be a season ticketholder from 1998 thru 2008 when they closed Shea. During thse last 11 seasons I can honestly say I was there many times to witness great games and destroyed my voice box several times in the process!

Today Citi field is over priced and I haven’t taken the plunge to buy season tickets (yet). To me its not Shea and its design is another blunder the Mets front office has made. Maybe it will grow on me over the years, who knows. Not sure if the Mets will be contenders this year and to be honest, it doesn’t look like they will with the team they currently have. But like any die hard stubborn Met fan, I will still believe this year! I may not get out to Citi field as much as I used to get to Shea but I will continue to do one thing and that is collect Mets cards. Many people approach me on boards and ask me to trade for one of my case pulls. I’ve said it before, A-rod autos and Pujols 1/1s are great and if I pull one I may even keep one every now and then. But as far as trading goes, if you don’t come to me with any Mets, 99% of the time I won’t even entertain the trade. My only exception would be Derek Jeter cards. Yeah he’s a Yankee and I’m not a fan of the Yanks, but Jeter is a class act and he will go down as one of the best all around players as well as all around people to ever play the game.

Everyone has their niche that they collect, to me its those loveable Mets! So if you have any mets cards out there and see something you like that I pull, be ready to offer up those loveable players in blue and orange!

Below are some of the cards in my personal collection. Not much, but I have a long time ahead of me to keep this growing!

Play ball America!





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2 Responses to “A True Mets Fan!”

  1. Odds & Ends « Paul's Random Stuff Says:

    […] has posted some of his favorite Mets cards at Three of a Kind […]

  2. Rick Says:

    Nice cards, I really like the reyes sketch. It looks pretty cool.

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