A ‘Tweet’y Bird Told Me…

Time for another edition of a ‘Tweet’y bird told me. For those who might have missed out first edition a week or so ago, this is the time when I bring the most informative and sometime flat out most outrageous tweets that I have gotten! You can follow me on Twitter as well and get updated on all out blog updates, case breaks and store listing by either clicking on the twitter link on the right or simply clicking here. Enjoy the ‘Tweet’y info!

Orioles finalize their deal with Garrett Atkins!

-Roy Halladay thanks the fans of Toronto with a full add in the city’s newspaper

-David Ortiz posts pictures from his recent “Golf Classic” on his Facebook page!

-Victor Rojas, commentator for the MLB netrwork, poking fun at Mets fans that they should be happy…at least they finally signed someone – Elmer Dessens!!

-Matt Laporta apparently finalizing his graduation at Florida U, he was quoted as Tweeting: Just walked across the stage at graduation. Go gators!”

– Former LA Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda taking some swings at a charity event (great picture!)

– John Lannan tweeting while on vacation in Aruba telling us how he is having a nice drink!

-Video of Matt Kemp working out at the gym. Check out the new tattoo.

– My personal favorite , Kevin Burkhardt of new york’s SNY sports channel venting on Sunday “Just in from 3 hours of shoveling. Ugh ” . (I feel ya kevin, put in 2.5 hours myself!)

Until next time, PLay Ball America!



One Response to “A ‘Tweet’y Bird Told Me…”

  1. John Stjohn Says:

    I do think twitter is a killer app. A perfect complement to blogging. I tweet all the time and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted 🙂

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