2010 & Three of A Kind Cards

Over the couse of the last couple of weeks I have decided to come back to my blog and update it as I had neglected it for some time. I will admit, for the most part I am a solo operation and over the course of the last 6 months it was a little hectic to come on here and blog about my passion which is baseball cards. But now that I am back many of you might be wondering – Who is this guy? For those of you who might be on ebay, I go under the name ‘legacyprod’, on sportlots, I go under the user name 3ofakind.

For the most part yes I am a reseller of cards. There is nothing I enjoy more than ripping wax. As many people in the hobby do, I started ripping packs, and then I moved onto boxes. Of course today, its pretty much strictly cases. Sometimes cases are profitable and sometimes they are not. Nonetheless, for me they are still enjoyable!

Now that we are in 2010 I’m not sure whether I will continue to rip the amount of cases that I have ripped. Doing so takes alot of time once you sort through them and list them on ebay, sportslots etc. The recent birth of my daughter has me considering whether or not I can continue to rip cases and dedicate the time that I do to ripping cases. But hold on, that doesn’t mean I am out of this hobby all together! I am still going to rip alot, and if I can get some help, I may rip a whole lot more than before! With that being said, if I do scal back the amount of cases I rip, I will definitely keep this blog going. By all means it is in no way as time consuming to keep this blog as it is to rip cases!

So with that being said. I want to hear from all of you out there! What is that you want to read about…what would you like to see? I’m curious, would love to know what hobby interests everyone has out there! Leave a comment and let me know and HAPPY 2010!

Play ball america!



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