Three Of A Kind Sales In January!


It used to be that I never even thought about baseball in January! After all the Superbowl is at the end of the month and the playoffs manage to keep me entertained for a better part of the month. But ever since I got back into card collecting I find that the card released in January are enough to keep my eye on baseball and also anticipate opening day even more!
With that being said I currently know of SIX product releases in January this month! With all of these releases, its time I start unloading some of the stuff that has been left behind in the past couple of years! So now through January 27, which is the first 2010 release (2010 Topps Series one) I will be putting up for sale in my ebay store “Three” similar kind of cards for sale. I do this every year but this year I decided to blog about it. Every day I will put up either three game used cards, auto cards, sets or graded cards. I will be listing these three daily Monday thru Friday since I’m not much of a lister on Saturdays and Sundays. Be on the lookout for these listings as all of them will be starting at some low low prices!!



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