CLOSED – WOW Wednesday Contest Time!

We have a winner! Rick L correctly guessed Felix Hernandez and won the prize for today! Thanks for reading!

Its Wednesday, and as some of you might have come to expect that means its a WOW Wednesday (Win On Wednesdays) here at Extra Innings! Sorry I wasn’t able to put this up earlier today but I am still trying to catch up with my personal schedule. Finally got my butt back to work today and it was hard to get back into the swing of things and thus that led to this post being late!!

Today’s prize will be:
2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects HUNTER PENCE BGS Graded 9.0 Mint

How to win? I will start by giving clues periodically. First person to figure out the active player I am describing wins the card. Later today and tomorrow if need be, I will add additional clues if no one has guessed the player. To guess, just post your guess in the comments section. If no one has correctly guessed the player by Friday (doubt that will happen!) then I will randomly select someone who has placed their guesses in the comments section as the winner. Please limit 3 total guesses to each person.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure to leave your name and you email address so that I can contact you if you guess the correct player! If you happen to guess the answer but don’t leave your name or email I cannot declare you the winner and if someone guesses the right answer after you then I will declare them the winner. Good luck and Play Ball America!

Clues To Our Mystery Player!

– As is the case with most of the players profiled in this contest, they have been all stars. So am I!
– I made my MLB debut in 2005, I didn’t get a hit, I didn’t get a win.
– They say I throw heat, been clocked near 100mph, not bad I guess?


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14 Responses to “CLOSED – WOW Wednesday Contest Time!”

  1. jeremy alexander Says:

    ryan zimmerman

  2. David P Says:

    I’m a Sox fan so I will say Hanley Ramirez

  3. Don Sherman Says:

    I will go with Matt Cain

  4. David P Says:

    Lets go with Justin Verlander for my second guess.

    I have one more idea. 😉

  5. Cesar T Says:

    Hi Guys, sorry no correct answer yet. Thanks for reading!

  6. jeremy alexander Says:

    felix hernandez

  7. Cesar T Says:

    Don’t forget guys…need a name and an email address.

  8. David P Says:

    OK here is my 3rd guess. I remember this guy threw hard when he played for the Sox.

    Craig Hansen

  9. Aaron S Says:

    Josh Johnson?

  10. Aaron S Says:

    Edinson Volquez?

  11. Rick Says:

    Rick L.
    Felix Hernandez
    Jon Papelbon

  12. AdamE Says:

    Stumped…Waiting on the next clue….

  13. Cesar T Says:

    We have a winner…Rick L correctly guessed Felix Hernandez!
    Apologies to Jeremy Alexander who also guessed Felix Hernandez, but the rules are that you must leave an email address.
    Thanks for reading everyone!

  14. jeremy alexander Says:

    ahhh man i wasnt home

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