Trying To Find The Great One!

I’ve been seriously collecting cards for about 3 years now and there has been that one autograph that I have been seeking the whole time through out my rips. I wouldn’t mind if it was on card or sticker, just want this autograph. That player is Mariano Rivera. I know that I have always written about collecting Mets and for the most part, that is the majority of my collection. However when you take a look at the history of the game, how many times can you say that you are currently watching the best player to ever play at that position on a day to day basis. That’s exactly what Mariano is, the best closer to ever play the game!
I mean being a Met fan, I have had the somewhat “unfortunate” experience of watching him close games for the Yankees since about the later 90’s. Its been about 10 steady years that he has dominated and to be honest, it doesn’t look like he is slowing down.

My best Mariano Card…not an auto!?!?

I recently looked on ebay for his autograph cards and I was able to only find one that is currently for sale. The seller didn’t even give this listing’s title its due. He didn’t even list the year of the card in the listing! Its a 2004 Fleer Genuine Inside Autograph / Jersey #d /100. Its definitely a nice card and I for one would love to have it. I’ll be watching it, but if I am not lucky enough to jump in and bid, there is a glimmer of hope for me and for you! I went further and looked on Beckett and according to their database, there are only 108 different Mariano Rivera Autograph Cards in existence! Compare this with Joba Chamberlain autographs, who many say might be the next Yankee closer one day and he already has 217 different autograph cards out there! Amazing!?

I received a message from Topps shortly before Christmas that The Great One Mariano Rivera himself, signed autographs for Topps for the upcoming Topps Sterling product! In looking at the checklist, sure enough, there he was! What’s comforting about this is that it looks like the autograph cards will not need a redemption! Which means if you are hungry for a Mo Rivera auto like I am, take your chance at 2009 Topps Sterling! Aside from the Rivera autographs, there are some other gorgeous cards in this set. The set is scheduled to release on 1/21/2010. Should be a great product, see some pics of some of the products below. Of course, there are no Mariano Rivera auto previews…I can’t even get a preview!





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