2010 Topps National Chicle – A Positive Thing!

Recently Topps released information about a new product that is coming out in April 2010 – 2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball. The product is modeled after the famed 1930’s style product which was actually a football card product. When information about the product was released on the Beckett Blog many people seemed to react negatively toward the product. Some called it another Topps mistake. I for one though can’t seem to understand why people are not wild about this product?

Now I’m not here to say that this will be the product of the year. I don’t know enough about the product yet so I won’t even attempt to make a prediction on how this product will go over. But from what I do know about it, here are the things I like about it.

1. Its a 330 card set – Lets be honest here, Topps has been rolling out way too many high end products that are running over $100 a box. For the collector, you’re lucky if you can purchase a box of these products (Tribute, Unique, Triple Threads etc). With Chicle, Topps has already said that this product will have a 330 card checklist which means this definitely will not be a high end product and will be affordable like Heritage and their flagship products.

2.Its not your same old photography- Topps has enlisted many artists for this product to draw up the sketches for each card. I for one share the same feelings like many about Topps using the same photography for a player in many products. I remember one particulat Madison Bumgarner’s picture kept being used in at least 4-5 different Topps Products. Also, some of the original artists sketches will be inserted in this product with their signatures..a nice twist!

3. Hit allocation is a bit more desirable- Typically we see the lower end products provide an enormous amount of tiny little game used swatches that have started to get annoying over the last year or so. I think most people would agree that you would rather get an autograph instead of one of these tiny swatches. Well check this out, each hobby box will include TWO autographs and one relic…much better than the typical two relic and one auto that we are used to seeing!

4. All autographs are on card!! This is something that we almost didn’t see at all in 2009 sets. My only hope is that Topps can secure all of the on card autographs before the release in April. There’s nothing quite like an on card autograph!

5. Topps is stirring the pot – Already we’ve read that Topps is throwing in some cards that have players pictured in jerseys of teams that they never actually played for. For example, Babe Ruth is sketched in a Braves uniform, Ichiro is in a Seattle Pilots uniform. This is a bit of a break from the norm and again, gives this product a fresh look that we haven’t seen from other products in a while.

So with all this being said, can this product really be that bad? I know the autograph checklist, is not the strongest, but its early and Topps has a habit of adding more autographs as time goes on. I am sure they will follow suit with this as well.
Below are some image previews that have been released. If I hear or read more about the product I will follow up here.
Play Ball America!







4 Responses to “2010 Topps National Chicle – A Positive Thing!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    […] released. If I hear or read more about the product I will follow up here. Play Ball America! Cesar 2010 Topps National Chicle – A Positive Thing! Extra Innings – When 9 Isn’t Enough… __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

  2. Rick Says:

    The set design is nice. I’ve always liked the old designed cards. The on card auto’s are great as well as the design for those cards especially that dual.

  3. threeofakindcards Says:

    Hey there Rick! its good to see that Topps is mixing things up a bit. The on card auto is a plus like you said! I just hope they work on the auto checklist…its a bit weak right now! I plan on having some box breaks of this stuff in April..whats your favorite team?

  4. Rick Says:

    My team is the Red Sox, so I’m hoping that there will be some good Sox stuff in there. I haven’t gotten a glance at the checklist yet.

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