UPDATED Contest Time – WOW Wednesday

Its Wednesday, and as some of you might have come to expect that means its a WOW Wednesday (Win On Wednesdays) here at Extra Innings!
Today’s prize will be:

2009 Topps Unique Base Set 1-150 (does not include SP rookies)

How to win? I will start by giving clues periodically. First person to figure out the active player I am describing wins the card. Later today and tomorrow if need be, I will add additional clues if no one has guessed the player. To guess, just post your guess in the comments section. If no one has correctly guessed the player by Friday (doubt that will happen!) then I will randomly select someone who has placed their guesses in the comments section as the winner. Please limit 3 total guesses to each person.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure to leave your name and you email address so that I can contact you if you guess the correct player! If you happen to guess the answer but don’t leave your name or email I cannot declare you the winner and if someone guesses the right answer after you then I will declare them the winner. Good luck and Play Ball America!

Clues To Our Mystery Player!
– A couple of my notable achievements are my all star apperance and my numberous gold gloves!

-Before my professional baseball career, I played a couple of different sports.

– I was fortunate enough to play in the futures game earlier in my career!

-I’ve had some publicitiy in my career, as I’ve appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated twice and even had my own rap music.


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13 Responses to “UPDATED Contest Time – WOW Wednesday”

  1. Justin Says:

    Hi, Is it Shane Victorino!
    Justin @ justin.victor@live.com

  2. yellowman Says:

    Joe Mauer?

    Brian J

  3. PAB Says:

    My 1st guess is Grady Sizemore

    P.A. Blaylock – pablaylock@gmail.com

  4. AdamE Says:

    Torii Hunter

  5. AdamE Says:


  6. AdamE Says:

    I withdraw my Torii Hunter submission becasue it is Orlando Hudson.

  7. Cesar T Says:

    WOW…yellowman got it very quickly…and I thought I had good clues!?!? Joe Mauer is the correct answer! Way to go Brian!

  8. PAB Says:

    Just got off a conference call, but as soon as I saw that Yellowman posted Joe Mauer, I did a google search of Joe Mauer and rap music. When I saw that there were actual links to the topic I knew he had one. Congrats to Yellowman, and thanks to you Cesar. I enjoy both your blog and your contests. Keep up the great work.

  9. yellowman Says:

    🙂 yeah, i didn’t expect ‘Joe Mauer’ and ‘rap music’ to be related, either. thanks for the contest, cesar!

  10. Cesar T Says:

    Hey PAB thanks for the comments…I always welcome yours and anyone else’s for that matter. And I enjoy positive and negative comments equally as well! Yeah when I saw that Joe Mauer did rap music…I had to include that as a clue. Thought it would be a stumper but looks like I underestmated that clue!! LOL Will be search the mp3 sites for some of his work now…LOL

  11. Cesar T Says:

    Hi Adam…Orlando Hudson did do rap music, win gold gloves and had all start appearance but I don’t think he was on the cover of SI twice. Plus the final clue would have steered the guesses away from Orlando Hudson, it was going to be:
    – I was drafted in 2001 and today I am considered by many to be the best player at my position.

    Thanks for palying!!

  12. Rick Says:

    As soon as I saw Joe Mauer, I figured that was correct, and yes Hudson wasn’t on the cover of SI at all. I looked at some of the older ones earlier. Thanks for the contests!

  13. yellowman Says:

    have you tried to contact me about my prize yet? if yes, sorry, i’ll check my ‘spam’ folder. if not, about when can i expect an email?

    thanks in advance!

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