CLOSED – WOW Wednesday – Contest Time!

Congrats to Aaron who correctly guessed today’s mystery player as Carlos Pena!

Its Wednesday, and as some of you might have come to expect that means its a WOW Wednesday (Win On Wednesdays) here at Extra Innings!
Today’s prize will be:

2010 Topps Series 1 Baseball Set (due to release on 1/27/2010)

How to win? I will start by giving clues periodically. First person to figure out the active player I am describing wins the card. Later today and tomorrow if need be, I will add additional clues if no one has guessed the player. To guess, just post your guess in the comments section. If no one has correctly guessed the player by Friday (doubt that will happen!) then I will randomly select someone who has placed their guesses in the comments section as the winner. Please limit 3 total guesses to each person.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure to leave your name and you email address so that I can contact you if you guess the correct player! If you happen to guess the answer but don’t leave your name or email I cannot declare you the winner and if someone guesses the right answer after you then I will declare them the winner. Good luck and Play Ball America!

Clues To Our Mystery Player!

– Start you off with an easy one, I play in the American League – hey just sliced all of your available guesses by 50%!

– I’ve been an all star and i’ve won a golden glove award!

– I was drafted over 10 years ago, I guess that’s given me enough time to accumualte over 200 home runs!


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11 Responses to “CLOSED – WOW Wednesday – Contest Time!”

  1. Swag Says:

    Torii Hunter

  2. Rick Says:

    Rick L.
    Torii Hunter
    Carlos Pena

  3. Rick Says:

    Have you shipped out the prizes for the other contests earlier this month? I still haven’t got mine.

    • Cesar T Says:

      Hi rick, can you email me on, I believe all prizes except the last contest shipped out.

      Also…I know you may not want to hear this, but I think I have to exclude you for a few weeks. You have actually won a couple of the contests…LOL.

  4. Aaron S Says:

    I’ll throw out Mike Lowell and Jermaine Dye

    Do we need to leave email’s in the body here or under the leave a reply boxes work?

  5. Cesar T Says:

    Without Rick’s answers…no correct answers yet.

  6. Cesar T Says:

    Hi Aaron, leave your email ins the reply please…thanks alot!

  7. Aaron S Says:

    email is

  8. Aaron S Says:

    Carlos Pena

  9. Cesar T Says:

    We have a winner…Aaron correctly guessed CArlos Pena!

    As a rule of thumb I am going to instill a policy were if you have won a prize in the last 30 days then you can’t be eligible to win again. I’m just trying to give other readers a shot at the goods…no disrespect to you Rick..sorry!

  10. Aaron S Says:

    just curious if this got shipped?

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