UPDATED – Case Break Alert & Giveaway!

Ok box break is over and I was feeling a bit more generous than I originally planned! I decided that whomever picked a team got all of the cards pulled in the box for that team! Here is what everyone got!
1.Los Gatos – Tiger Cards
Base Cards, Edwin Jackson, Placido Polanco, Brent Dlugach, Jarrod Washburn, Hernandez/Sabathia/Verlander, rick Porcello, Brandon Inge, Tigers Team Card,Gerald laird,Curtis Granderson, Aubrey Huff,
Inserts: (2x)Cabrera-topps town Ty Cobb & Grandrson Legendary Lineage

2.Baseball Card Sutff – Yankee Cards
Base Cards: Andy Pettitte, Michael Dunn, Mickey Mantle, Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, Mark Teixeira, Nick Swisher, CC Sabathia,
Insets: Sabathia/ford – Legendary Lineage, Mickey Mantle-Peak Performance, Babe Ruth-History of the game, Alex rodriguez when they were young, Jackson/Dunn – Legendary Lineague, Eckersley/rivera – Legendary Lineage, Sabathia-topps town, Mickey Mantle-Tales of the game

3. Brad Abbot – Rickey Henderson Cards – None (we’ll get you something!)

4. Larry – Dodgers Cards –
Base CArds: Francshise History, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre, Jim tome, Randy Wolf, Manny ramirez, Calyton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, Casey Blake, Orlando Hudson,
Insert cards: Manny Ramirez – topps town gold, Matt Kemp-Turkey Red, Jackie robinson/Matt Kemp-Legendary Lineage, Duke Snider-Cards Your Mom Threw Out, Manny Ramirez-topps town, Manny Ramirez-Peak Performance, Jackie robinson-Tales Of the game

5. Jim B – Cubs Cards
Base Cards: Rich Harden, Team Card, Tyler Colvin, Jeff Samardzija, Jeff Baker, Ryan Theriot, Derrek Lee, Kevin Gregg, Milton Braldey, Ted Lilly, Ryan Dempster,
Inserts: Ryne Sandberg – Turkey Red, Ernie banks-turkey Red, Ryan theriot-gold parrallel

6. Chris – Twins Cards
Base cards: Scott Baker, Denard Span, Minnesota Twins, Orlando Cabreera, Jason Kubel, Joe Mauer, Inserts- Joe Mauer-Peak Performance, Anthony Swarzak Gold Parrallel, Joe Mauer-Toppstown (x2)

7. Josh T. – Gordon Beckham Cards – 1 Base card!

Case Break List Update – Below are the people that have signed up and the cards they will receive:
1.Los Gatos – Tiger Cards
2.Baseball Card Sutff – Yankee Cards
3. Brad Abbot – Rickey Henderson Cards
4. Larry – Dodgers Cards
5. Jim B – Cubs Cards
6. Chris – Twins Cards
7. Josh T. – Gordon Beckham Cards

Remember the folks above will get the first five cards that are pulled from the box of the team/player they chose. If there are more than 5 of a team/player they will go to another person if they have requested the same team/player.

Hi everyone! I am really looking forward to this week as it marks the official start of the 2010 products! On Wednesday Topps will be releasing 2010 Topps Series 1 and expect to be getting my hobby cases that day. Jumbo cases will be releasing the following Wednesday 2/3/10.

For those of you out there who have been reading, I must say that I unfortunately have not been keeping the blog as up to date as I would like. Its been a mix of being busy at home and my not ripping any wax!! So as you can tell, the arrivial of this week’s cases will be like water to a hiker in the desert and I owe all of you something since I’ve been away!

Friday night at 8:00pm EST, I will be ripping one box of hobby live for all of our readers. I will break the box pack by pack and list the results on this site. Sorry, I don’t have a web cam yet…but I am working on getting one. ALL CARDS, INCLUDING the box hits (jerseys, autos & black parrallels), everything in the box is up for grabs! But there are two rules – 5 card max per person, and you must send me a self addressed stamp envelope to cover the costs of sending you the items. Sorry, that postage can add up! People can send me requests for players or teams via the comments box and I will accomodate as best as I can. Please leave me your name and your email address as well in the comments box. People can sign up for the same team but the first person that signs up in order will get the first 5 cards pulled for that team. The next person signed up sequentially will get the next 5 and so on.

You self addressed stamped envelopes can be sent to the following:
Three Of A Kind Cards
PO Box 1111
New York, NY 10185

Don’t worry about top loaders and sleeves, those are on us!

Will keep everyone up to date as the week progresses!
Play Ball America!



31 Responses to “UPDATED – Case Break Alert & Giveaway!”

  1. Los Gatos Says:

    Just found and joined your blog from the Topps board. Would love any Tiger cards that you pull. Thanks!

  2. Cesar T Says:

    Hi Los Gatos..you will have up to five Tigers cards headed your way! Please make sure to send the self addressed stamped envelope to us.
    Thanks for adding us!

  3. Baseball card stuff Says:

    Can I have any Yankee cards, please.

  4. Cesar T Says:

    Hi baseball card stuff…please leave me your name so I can cross reference when your envelope comes. The first 5 yankee cards that come out of the packs are yours! Please make sure to subscribe to our blog! Thanks!

  5. Cesar T Says:

    List of Cards taken…remember only first 5 pulled (trying to give others a chance).
    Los Gatos – tigers cards
    Baseball Card Stuff – Yankees Cards

    Keep em coming everyone!!

  6. Brad Abbott Says:

    I’d love to get any Rickey Henderson cards that you pull! I’ll send out a SASE ASAP. Surprisingly, he has quite a few inserts, base cards, and even an SP in the set.

  7. Cesar T Says:

    Hi Brad, you got the rickey inserts and if that box has a Rickey SP..its yours!! if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to our blog…thanks for commenting!

  8. Brad Abbott Says:

    Thanks Cesar, I subscribed right after leaving the comment. If you do pull any Rickey case hits as well (Relics, Black’s, etc.) I’d definitely be interested in working out a deal.

    Thanks again!


  9. Cesar T Says:

    I will remember you Brad if I pull any…would rather make a deal off of fee bay then make their pockets fatter! I will most likely be posting a majority of the case hits as a seperate blog post so be on the lookout for Rickey!

  10. Brad Abbott Says:

    I agree with you about eBay, it’s a necessary evil for a player collector, but I aways prefer to bypass it if I can. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your posts!

    Thanks again!

  11. Los Gatos Says:

    Thanks Cesar, very much appreciated! I’ll get my SASE out in tomorrow’s mail. Let’s go Tigers!

  12. larry Says:

    hi. nice blog. will be happy to get any dodgers. also if you pull any relic or auto. i love to work out a deal for them i will get that sase in the mail 1st thing in the morning. thanks.


  13. threeofakindcards Says:

    Hi Larry, Dodgers are yours, of course up to 5 cards. Hopefully you wil lsign up and subscribe!

  14. Jim Boushley Says:

    I am an old Cub collector who, since 1992, just puts together one Topps set a year. Unfortunately, the last three years I only opened one HTA Jumbo so my Cubs are few and far between. I would appreciate the five Cubs cards. Thank you.

  15. Cesar T Says:

    Hi Jim, you got it…first five cubs cards are yours! Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you more often, check back on Wednesdays as we always give away something every Wednesday!

  16. Chris Says:

    I’ll claim the first 5 Twins if it isn’t too late to join in. Thanks, Chris

  17. Cesar T Says:

    Hi Chris, Twins are yours…just make sure to send your SASE!
    thanks and please keep reading our blog!

  18. Jim Boushley Says:

    Cesar, thanks. the SASE went out this AM.

  19. Josh T Says:

    Just wanted to get in on the 2010 topps card giveaway. i would like to claim Gordon Beckham of the Chicago White sox.

  20. threeofakindcards Says:

    Hey everyone, I have decided to do the break on the blowout cards.com message board. I created a link at the top of this post…follow over to the thread there and we will start the break shortly!

  21. Los Gatos Says:

    Thank you Cesar! I’m watching the break, but I can’t post since I just registered and my account is awaiting activation.


  22. Los Gatos Says:

    Nope, it give me the log in screen when I hit “reply”. I can log in, but can’t post. Love the Cobb/Grandy Lineage card!

  23. Rick Says:

    Hey cesar, I posted on blowout, but I would be interested in any Red Sox or Dexter Fowler cards you pull.

  24. threeofakindcards Says:

    Hey everyone… i will summarize everyone’s cards tomorrow…I decided to forego the 5 card max per person and give every card pulled for that team! Thanks for participating!


  25. Los Gatos Says:

    Cesar, that’s awesome! Thanks again very much for your generosity! This was my first break – lots of fun. Good luck with the rest of your boxes!

  26. cesar Says:

    The world of breaks is fun! We will be having more for sure! There weren’t a lot of people that signed up which is why I decided to forget the 5 card limit. Glad u enjoyed, keep reading the blog!

  27. Chris Says:

    Hey, thanks for a cool break and the extra cards! If you want to give the league leader card with Mauer and Jeter on it to the guy who wanted the Yankees it’s cool with me. Most of these will go to my 4 year old daughter’s collection anyway. She was asking for some new Twins cards so these will be perfect! Thanks again!

  28. Brad Abbott Says:

    Wow, no Rickey’s, what luck, lol! I e-mailed you back regarding the A’s Franchise gold that you’d pulled. Let me know what other Rickey’s you pull in the case, and hopefully we can work something out. Brad

  29. Jim Boushley Says:

    Got all the Cubs cards. Wow thank you very much. I owe you postage so how can I get it to you? Thanks again, i really appreciated it.

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