2010 Topps Series 1 Is Live & So Are The Gimmicks!

As many of you are now aware 2010 Topps Series 1 is live. Seems as if the retail packs have been release before the hobby and jumbos. Makes sense since it seemed that retail never sold well to begin with!! LOL.
But no sooner than the retail packs were release, we have the first gimmick of this year. Looks like a card #d 422 made its way into production! As many of you knowm series one only goes up to 330 cards. How did Mr. Cervelli and his 422 get in there!?
Way to go Topps…trying to keep us on our toes again!
Play Ball America!



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2 Responses to “2010 Topps Series 1 Is Live & So Are The Gimmicks!”

  1. Los Gatos Says:

    This is pretty goofy. At least with the Jeter, Rudy, etc, the cards were going to carry some extra value. But when S2 comes out, the Cervelli will just blend right in – unless maybe the S2 version of 442 will be a variation (i.e. different photo). Hopefully so, since this photo is pretty awful with the camerman more prominent than Cervelli himself.

  2. larry Says:

    i hear that. i see no value in this card unless topps change the pic and card number in series two. and how cool would this have been if the card was jeter or a-rod. . i just seen the # 222 curtis granderson sp has him pictured with the yankees logo and different pic from the regular 222 that has tigers on the card. so yes topps are up to there old tricks again. lol.

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