Jumbo Packs Of Wax!

Imagine a 7 foot high pack of wax? That’s probably even a bit much for the die hard collector…especially for those of us who aren’t even close to 7 feet tall like myself!
Well that crazy thought is now a reality…sort of. The company LTL Prints is partnering with Topps to reprint vintage wrappers of Topps sports products into real life size posters to hang on your walls. All of the pack designs are from before the 1990s so you have some real nice vintage looking designs.
Personally I will be getting a couple of these as they will fit perfectly in my basement as the perfect emblem of a sports card addiction!




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5 Responses to “Jumbo Packs Of Wax!”

  1. jswaykos Says:

    I thought they were kinda cool until I saw the price of the sizes I’d actually want for my sports room. Seems expensive…

  2. Cesar T Says:

    Yeah they are kind of pricey but I am leaning on the fact that tax return time is quickly approaching so I will have a couple of bucks to splurge for one!! Would really look nice in my “card bunker” LOL

  3. Los Gatos Says:

    Those are fantastic! I’m okay with the price considering the size and the fact it’s peel & stick. Unlike dropping good money on Fatheads, at least the Topps wrappers aren’t at risk of getting traded in real life!

  4. Cesar T Says:

    Thats a great point…I have opted against fatheads myself. Just can’t stand to have a lifesize version of a player on my wall…and like you said, what if he gets traded. These will suit my man cave just fine!!


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