2010 Topps Series 1 Is Live And Kicking!

2010 has officially begun! It is always exciting to turn the page and start a new year of collecting. Personally for me that means clearing our anything hanging around from 2009 or at least storing it in an organzied manner and starting a new shelf at home for all fo the 2010 products. Personally I love the 5 level stackable shelves that Home Depot sells…just throwing that out there in case anyone needs storage tips!
With that said if you look on ebay there are tons of auctions out there already. Of course this is much to my dismay as the person I pruchased my cases from )Balenac Sports) is late again! I think I will be replacing them soon as my case providers!! I am supposed to get my cases today but with snow in the NYC area, I really do hope they actually arrive. As promised once I do, I will still be cracking a box for readers tomorrow at 8:00pm. Not too many people signed up as of yet…oh well, I can’t do much more than give things away!! LOL Still time to sign up til tomorrow at 6:00pm.

For now enjoy some of the auctions out there. From what I have seen, this product has alot of neat stuff in it. Personally, I really like the hat logo pieces..they look really nice and they actually can be tied back to something meaningful from the player. Unlike those patch letters that are a waste of time if you asked me. Below I’ve posted some pictures to some of the stuff that I’ve seen that I like. All of these are currently on ebay so you can go search them. Please note that none of these are my auctions. If you are the seller of any these…you’re welcome for the free marketing!! LOL








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