UPDATED -Time To Bust 2010 Topps Series 1!

UPDATED:So the ripping lasted til about 2:00AM and then I ran out of steam. Especially since I have to get up at 6:00 am to get to the office! Out of 24 boxes I got through 16 boxes. The hits on the first 6 boxes are listed below. The Pujols/Musial bats that you see below were pulled in around the 8th or 9th box. In addition to the hits you see below here are some of the other hits that were pulled in the other 10 boxes:
-Mariano Rivera World Series Pants #d /100
– David Wright GU Jersey (personal collection)
-Jose Reyes GU Jersey (personal collection)
-Daniel Schlereth Silk card (thats the 2nd year in a row I’ve pulled his silk card??)
-Kevin Youkilis & David Ortiz Black Parrallel
– Jorge Posada Game Used jersey
-Willie Stargel, Reggie Jackson and Stan Musial, SPs
-Mickey Mantle Gold Parrallel
…and many more. Will post those pics as well as many more tonight and over the weekend!

I wrote earlier today how I was anxious to rip some boxes. Got home at around 7pm today to find my two hobby cases. I still don’t know why Topps decided to release the jumbo cases a week later!!?? Anyways, have two more cases of that coming next week. So for the last 2 hours I’ve been ripping and disecting the product. I’ve gone through 6 boxes so far (18 to go LOL). Below you will see the nicer items that I’ve gotten so far.
My initial response- I like the design of the base card! Its alot more vibrant and is not boring. A major thing I am a fan of is the card numbers on the back. Might sound silly, but when it comes to sorting, the 2009 Topps cards had the tiniest numbers and after a couple of hours of sorting I had the biggest headache from squinting. These numbers are much bigger and easier to read!
As far as insert sets…way too many! Peak Performance, History of the Game, Tales of the Game, When They Were Young, Cards Your Mom Threw Out, Turkey Red, Topps Town, – thats alot of insert sets!!
The Hat Logos are very cool! The peak performance game used jerseys have the same wow factor that the other years do. Hopefully the jumbo boxes will wow me more…or maybe the other 18 boxes I have to rip. WIll be a long night ahead for me today and tomorrow. Enjoy the scans!



Oh yeah….pulled this card too…Pujols and Musial Game used bats…#d /50!


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11 Responses to “UPDATED -Time To Bust 2010 Topps Series 1!”

  1. giantsfan1000 Says:

    Are the hat patches game used? Or are they manufactured?

  2. threeofakindcards Says:

    Hi giantsfan…you never really know with topps! It says the following on the back of the card:
    “The embroidered patch featured on the front of this card was created exclusively for 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1”
    Does that mean that the patch was taken from a cap and that the card was made for this product or was the whole thing stitched and this isn’t an actual GU cap? Not sure…I think I will call them tomorrow to find out!

  3. JBob Says:

    I think those patches are amazing, a big time collectable in my book

  4. Rick Says:

    The hat patches are probably manufactured, it would be hard to get a large amount of hat patches and have them seeded frequently in a product such as this, but regardless are very nice.

  5. threeofakindcards Says:

    Hey there Jbob…which patches are you referring to?

    Rick..I think they are manufactured too…but I want Topps to tell me that tomorrow…we will see!

  6. Los Gatos Says:

    Man, I’m jealous – would love to stay up all night opening 2 cases! I don’t see any Tiger scans so far – hopefully the good ones are waiting for the Friday night pull!

  7. threeofakindcards Says:

    well it won’t be all night…starting to run on fumes…LOL. Will have a box though for sure tomorrow night! See you then!

  8. UPDATED -Time To Bust 2010 Topps Series 1! - Blowout Cards Forums Says:

    […] 18 boxes I have to rip. WIll be a long night ahead for me today and tomorrow. Enjoy the scans! UPDATED -Time To Bust 2010 Topps Series 1! Extra Innings – When 9 Isn’t Enough! __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

  9. Brad Abbott Says:

    Cesar, looks like you got some great pulls! I’m definitely interested in the Rickey A’s franchise gold that you pulled. Hope we can work something out for all of your Rickey’s, including those that show up in your jumbo case next week!

    • threeofakindcards Says:

      Hi Brad,
      Here’s what I will do, I will put aside that Rickey for you. I will go through all of the inserts that I have, create those sets and then see which extras I have. I am sure I will have more rickey inserts. We can then work something out to purchase them in bulk. If you can give me til about Monday, that should give me time to sort through everything. I still have 8 more boxes to open. Next week I will have 2 jumbo cases as well.

  10. Brad Abbott Says:

    Sounds great, thanks Cesar! If you happen to pull a Rickey Hat Patch in your jumbo case, please let me know! He actually has 4 different ones in the set, although I’m not sure yet what 4 teams they chose.

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