The Wrap On 2010 Topps Ser 1 Hobby

For now it seems that many cases of 2010 Topps have been busted. I personally busted 2 cases and in looking back at what I opened, there were a lot of goodies in there! One thing however that strikes me very strange is the fact that jumbo cases of the product have not been released yet. To me there is a plus and negative to this. The plus for me and maybe for topps is that it prolongs the hype of the release another week. For me it helps me space out 4 case rips over 2 weeks! Lol. The negative in this is, will the product hold value by the tme jumbos are released later this week? That remains to be seen!
As far as the product goes, allow me to give a brief review on certain points.
This year’s looks great in my opinion! Last year’s design was down right boring. I like the fact that topps is starting to get better quality pictures on the cards. Heck! They even have player head shots on the back of the cards! And oh yeah, the card numbers are much easier to read this year, a pet peeve of mine dragged over from last year’s sets!
JERSEYS/PATCHES- I really think that now more than ever, this aspect of a product will take center stage! We all know that in general those tiny little jersey swatches are getting old. Yeah they showed up again in this product but there are World Series relics in this product which is always a plus and they are #d to 100 or less. I got lucky and pulled a Mariano Rivera WS relic..still not his autograph!! Lol
Aside from those I was looking forward to the hat logos patches and much to my disappointment, topps screwed this up. It seems that these logos are not actualy taken from the caps of players. They have instead been manufactured by topps for this product. A big BOOOOOO for topps on this! I am hoping that at the very least, this gets them to start thinking about actually including real cap swatches. The idea is a good one, but gimme the real goods!!
The checklist is not the best and they are sticker autographs again. One plus for topps however, no redemptions for their autographs this year! I bet they had a bunch of stickers laying around from last year so they didn’t have to go out and seek autographs!
This program intrigues me. Sales of these redemptipn cards are pretty strong. They are selling for over a dollar each easily and sometimes as much as $1.50 in some cases. Of course there is a chance that you will redeem a Mantle rookie or a Jeter rookie, but to me the letdown FAR outweighs the rewards. There are too many 80s cards out there and I can’t stand to take a chance on redeeming one, I’ve had enough of these in my day!!
Really topps, enough of this toppstown crap! Its not that the set sucks, its that they insert far too many of them in the product. Ripping one case will yield you at least 15-20 of these sets!! Lol. I am a big fan of the “Turkey Red Series” so I am glad they continued this. “Tales of the Game” is an interesting set, defintely one for the kids to collect! “When They Young” is cute if you’re the type of guy who wants to see what your favorite ball player looked like when he was a kid…NEXT!
The Cards Your Mother Threw Out is probably the best name for a set in a while! These of course are replica cards of some famous Topps originals dating back to 1952. Note to Topps…next year, include the real cards as a special one of one set and not as a redmption!
“Peak Performance”…ehh…nothing big. But the “Linear Lineage” set is my favortite insert set of them all! I am a big fan of connecting yesterday with today. I always like “Then & Now” in the Heritage product and Linear Lineage has th esame concept. What’s even greater is that they managed to insert game used parrallels of this set. I was lucky enough to pull a Pujols/Musial game used parrallel from the Legendary Lineage set. These are nice cards indeed and are probably the nicest cards in the product outside of the 1/1 cards.
There are always gold parrallels, black parralles and printing plates. Those of course are back again and sprinkled through out. Don’t know why but I always get a kick out of pulling these. One of these days I will take my hand at trying to build a black set…not sure when, but one day!
The short prints are back and some of the players are repeat players from last year’s short prints. I am a fan of the Yankees pie face cards! Always great to throw in mystery cards. I know people don’t care for this concept but it does make pack ripping just that much more fun! Kudos to Topps for the pie face cards!

All in all, I enjoyed this year’s hobby version alot. I am always partial to Series one because it kicks off the year, but this year I give it to Topps, they stepped it up with a nicer design, pretty neat Million Card Giveaway promo, no redemption autos, and cool new idea with Hat logos. Looking forward to the jumbos and seeing if there is anything in there that the hobby product didn’t have…I hope so!! Enjoy pics of the hits in the 2 cases!
Play Ball America!




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5 Responses to “The Wrap On 2010 Topps Ser 1 Hobby”

  1. The Wrap On 2010 Topps Ser 1 Hobby - Blowout Cards Forums Says:

    […] pics of the hits in the 2 cases! Play Ball America! FINAL GRADE 2009 TOPPS SERIES 1 HOBBY: A-. The Wrap On 2010 Topps Ser 1 Hobby Extra Innings – When 9 Isn’t Enough! __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

  2. Los Gatos Says:

    I love a lot of things about the release, but I’m more at a B/B+ level. Topps’ player selection is befuddling yet again and I’ll just never be fully satisfied until they go back to on-card autos like with the Signature Moves inserts in the not-too-distant past. And while I’ve come around a bit with the “swoosh” on the base cards, I’d like to see what they’d look like without it. But overall, there’s way more to like than otherwise!

  3. Cesar T Says:

    I’ve always wondered how Topps selects their rookies. Are they trying to guess who is going to be called up?
    thanks for the reply! By the way…youre series one cards went out yesterday!

  4. Los Gatos Says:

    Thanks again Cesar! By the way, I’ll be visiting your eBay store in the near future when I get around to knocking off my S1 Tiger insert needs.

    Regarding the rookies, Topps’ job was made easier with the recent restriction on players with MLB service time-only. But even then, there are some puzzling selections. I do like getting cards of under-the-radar rookies like Dlugach on the Tigers. But what grinds me is a veteran card like Jarrod Washburn’s. He was useless after the trade and there was a 0% chance he’d be back in Detroit this year. Plus he already had a Tiger card in 09UH. So why in the world did they need to put him on a Tiger card in 10S1. Similar thing with Aubrey Huff – horrible for the Tigers, no chance he’d be back, yet there he is on a new Tiger card. At least with him, he didn’t have one in UH, so it’s good in a sense to have at least one.

    I rant because I love. Topps is the only brand for me, even though I tend to pick it apart as much as celebrate it.

  5. Chris T Says:

    I opened a couple packs from this set and the backs were plain brown cardboard. The stats and photo was there just no gloss or shine. Have you heard anything about this. Also that card your mom threw out Cal Ripken is an uncorrected error, has stat line for a pitcher instead of a fielder. I love this set with all the CYMTO . Pulled a Mantle rookie card non original back…..Booo.

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