CLOSED – WOW Wednesday Contest Time – Snow Day Edition!

CONGRATS to JAred D who correctly guessed Alfonso Soriano! Thanks to everyone who participated on this snowy day!

Its Wednesday, and as some of you might have come to expect that means its a WOW Wednesday (Win On Wednesdays) here at Extra Innings! I decided to start today’s contest a little later in the day to give the west coast readers a shot. I’ve been told that they are just waking up by the time some folks guess the answers!!

Today’s prize will be:
2009 Topps Triple Threads Bob Gibson Triple Game Used Jersey #d to #6!

How to win? I will start by giving clues periodically. First person to figure out the active player I am describing wins the card. Later today and tomorrow if need be, I will add additional clues if no one has guessed the player. To guess, just post your guess in the comments section. If no one has correctly guessed the player by Friday (doubt that will happen!) then I will randomly select someone who has placed their guesses in the comments section as the winner.

Please limit 3 total guesses to each person. If you post a guess you must make sure to leave your name and you email address so that I can contact you if you guess the correct player!
If you happen to guess the answer but don’t leave your name or email I cannot declare you the winner and if someone guesses the right answer after you then I will declare them the winner.

Also in the interest of fairness the following readers are ineligible for this week’s contest as they have won a contest in the last 30 days..sorry guys!

1/13/2010-Brian J.
1/20/2010-Aaron S.
1/27/2010- Chris –(
2/3/2010 – Alan R

Good luck and Play Ball America!

Clues To Our Mystery Player:
-I’ve been fortunate to have a great career! With trips to the all star game and world series, who can ask for more!
-Its been a while but I started my career in the far east! Konichiwa!
-I also have seen both sides of the coin, have been on a first place team and a last place team!
-My current manager and I are both alumni of a particular MLB team!


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7 Responses to “CLOSED – WOW Wednesday Contest Time – Snow Day Edition!”

  1. giantsfan1000 Says:

    Hideki Matsui!

    hapdude1000 at yahoo dot com

  2. jrcummins25 Says:

    He took the obvious choice.

    So I’m going to say Hideki Okajima. World Series and All-Star in 2007.

  3. joe pecchia Says:

    Sadaharu Oh

  4. Jared Drevecky Says:

    Alfonso Soriano

    Jared Drevecky (

  5. Jared Drevecky Says:

    oops, make that

  6. Cesar T Says:

    Wow…we have a winner! Jared D correctly guessed Alfonso Soriano!1 Congrats on winning…we will contact you seperately to get shipping info!
    Thanks to everyone for reading and participating!

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