2010 Topps Opening Day!

2010 Topps Opening day is always one of those sets where people stop, scratch their heads and say “WHY?”. Not too many folks out there purchase this stuff, but I always do. Low and behold this year it featured the already infamous Cliff Lee error card that has the “HK” patch still on his Mariners jersey. Of course, the picture is not a realy picture as Topps seemed to “photoshop” the jersey onto Cliff but forgot to remove the “HK” patch. The HK patch was a memoriam patch that was on the Phillies jersey last year.
We have several copies for sale as well as the full sets which do include this card! We also just listed some of the mascot sets which I always find are neat…especially for the kids!

We also have tons of the blue parrallels…check out our store in case you are looking for your favorite player!

Enjoy and Play Ball America!



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