Allen & Ginter Details – A Classic!

Its coming..get ready for it again in June!!! There is something about Allen & Ginter that gets me and alot of people I know in the hobby excited! This year is no different, can’t wait for June already! Here are some details, more pictures to follow later this week!



Base Cards (300 subjects)

Short-Printed Base Cards (50 subjects) Inserted 1:2.


Mini Parallel (1:1; short-prints 1:13)

Allen & Ginter Back (1:5; short-prints 1:65)

Allen & Ginter Black Bordered (1:10, short-prints 1:130)

Allen & Ginter No Number No card number (limited to 50)

Bazooka Back (hand #’d to 25)

Allen & Ginter Wood (hand #’d 1 of 1) HOBBY ONLY

Printing Plates (1 of 1)

Allen & Ginter Cloth Cards (Sequentially #’d to 10) HOBBY ONLY


Allen & Ginter Relics

Allen & Ginter DNA Relics Numbered 1 of 1.

Monsters of the Mesozoic Relics Numbered to 10.

Allen & Ginter Autographs

Allen & Ginter Red Autographs (hand #’d in red to 10).
RIP CARD (100 Subjects) 1 per case HOBBY ONLY.

Allen & Ginter Originals (1 of 1) –actual mini paintings found in Rip Cards. HOBBY ONLY.

Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusives (50 subjects) – Numbered 351-400 and found only in Rip Cards HOBBY ONLY

Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusives (50 subjects) – A parallel to the exclusives and found only in Rip Cards.
Lords of Olympus (25 subjects) – Featuring gods and creatures from Greek mythology. 1:12

Monsters of the Mesozoic (25 subjects) Featuring the most famous and ferocious dinosaurs. 1:12

World’s Greatest Wordsmiths (15 subjects) – Featuring writers from around the world who have come to be seen as a voice of their nation. 1:24

Sailors of the Seven Seas (10 subjects) – Featuring some of the greatest explorers from the golden age of discovery, e.g., Magellan, Columbus, etc. 1:24

National Animals (50 subjects) – Mini cards featuring the flag of a nation and an animal that represents or is associated with that nation, not necessarily the official national animal. 1:8

This Day in History (75 subjects) – Pairing 75 MLB stars with a historical event that occurred on their birthday. 1 per pack.

Baseball Highlights Sketches (15 subjects) Full-size cards featuring reproductions of sketch cards featuring some of the greatest baseball highlights of the year and all time. (1:10)

Allen & Ginter Book Cards (1 of 1) HOBBY ONLY

Cut Signatures (1 of 1)

The Ginter Code


N43 Boxloader (15)

N43 Boxloader Relic (10) Hand #’d to 25.

N43 Boxloader Autograph (10) Hand #’d to 15.

N43 Boxloader Autographed Relic (5) Hand #’d to 5.

Cabinet Boxloaders (10) – Cabinet card sized featuring 2-4 subjects (mini parallel cards) involved in a 2009 baseball highlight or great engineering achievement (e.g., building of the Brooklyn Bridge, construction of the Panama Canal).

Cabinet Relic Boxloaders (10) – Cabinet card sized featuring an over-sized, complete relic, such as a jersey nameplate or jersey-front number.


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