2010 Topps Chicle Is Live!

I don’t know if I was actually the first one to put some of this product on the bay, but I was one of the very first. Still in the process of getting through the cases. I will be chiming in with perspectives over the next couple of days.
So far, as I expected, I really like this product! On card autographs just rule! They look better, and you know the player actually held the card and signed it. The only downside so far about the autographs is that alot of the auto checklist is the same rookie roster that we’ve seen in Series 1, Heritage and Finest. There are some pleasant surprises however. I was glad to see Pablo Sandoval on the auto checklist. I know Ryan Howard is on the checklist as well as Carl Yasztremski, Colby Rasmus, Dustin Pedroia, Evan Longoria, Gordon Beckham, Stan Musial, Tommy Hanson, and a few other notables. Another plus on the autographs is that they all have parrallels. There are the “National Chicle” backs #d /199, the “Bazooka” backs #d /99 and the “topps” backs #d /99.
I know people have complained about game used relics…however this time Topps stepped it up a bit. Same theory as with the autos, there are different levels of parrallels, but this time Topps also went out and got some quality vintage player relics. Whitey Ford, Thurman Munson, Nolan Ryan, Ozzie Smith, Pee Wee Reese, Phil Rizutto and Eddie Murray just to name a few.
Another thing I like about this set is that the box toppers aren’t that bad. If you are one of those out there that like to resell your top loaders un-opened, be warned. There are artist proof box loaders included. I pulled two of them in my first case…something to think about if you are looking to throw them aside!
As I mentioned, artist proofs are included in this set not only in the box loader inserts but also for every card. Every base card has 10 copies of the original artists proof inserted. Another big pull if are lucky enough to get one!
Below are some scans of the first 6 boxes I cracked…many more still to come!
Play Ball America!

Box Toppers , notice the Tris Speaker below is an artist proof with the artist’s signature on the card!

Autographs, including three artist proofs (Mike Schmidt, Joe Saunders and Bob Gibson cards)


Game Used Jersey Cards and two printing plates – Justin Verlander and Neftali Feliz Autographed :


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