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2010 Topps Chicle Is Live!

April 28, 2010

I don’t know if I was actually the first one to put some of this product on the bay, but I was one of the very first. Still in the process of getting through the cases. I will be chiming in with perspectives over the next couple of days.
So far, as I expected, I really like this product! On card autographs just rule! They look better, and you know the player actually held the card and signed it. The only downside so far about the autographs is that alot of the auto checklist is the same rookie roster that we’ve seen in Series 1, Heritage and Finest. There are some pleasant surprises however. I was glad to see Pablo Sandoval on the auto checklist. I know Ryan Howard is on the checklist as well as Carl Yasztremski, Colby Rasmus, Dustin Pedroia, Evan Longoria, Gordon Beckham, Stan Musial, Tommy Hanson, and a few other notables. Another plus on the autographs is that they all have parrallels. There are the “National Chicle” backs #d /199, the “Bazooka” backs #d /99 and the “topps” backs #d /99.
I know people have complained about game used relics…however this time Topps stepped it up a bit. Same theory as with the autos, there are different levels of parrallels, but this time Topps also went out and got some quality vintage player relics. Whitey Ford, Thurman Munson, Nolan Ryan, Ozzie Smith, Pee Wee Reese, Phil Rizutto and Eddie Murray just to name a few.
Another thing I like about this set is that the box toppers aren’t that bad. If you are one of those out there that like to resell your top loaders un-opened, be warned. There are artist proof box loaders included. I pulled two of them in my first case…something to think about if you are looking to throw them aside!
As I mentioned, artist proofs are included in this set not only in the box loader inserts but also for every card. Every base card has 10 copies of the original artists proof inserted. Another big pull if are lucky enough to get one!
Below are some scans of the first 6 boxes I cracked…many more still to come!
Play Ball America!

Box Toppers , notice the Tris Speaker below is an artist proof with the artist’s signature on the card!

Autographs, including three artist proofs (Mike Schmidt, Joe Saunders and Bob Gibson cards)


Game Used Jersey Cards and two printing plates – Justin Verlander and Neftali Feliz Autographed :


2010 Topps Pro Debut Is Live!

March 31, 2010

Today Topps launched their first official Minor League product – “2010 Topps Pro Debut”. Sales of singles have already hit ebay.
I opted not to open this stuff as I was personally skeptical about this product as it looked very similar in nature to Bowman Draft. Plus, there were way too many names on the checklist that I had never heard before.
But there are alot of people that did bust it. Share your thoughts on the product – what did you like? What were your dislikes? Money maker or bust?
Here are links to some listings already up on ebay:
2010 Topps Pro Debut MANNY BANUELOS 1/1 FLAG PATCH

Master set of 337 cards and 17 autographs!

2010 Topps Pro Debut MAT LATOS GW JERSEY GOLD /25

2010 Topps Pro Debut JASON HEYWARD GW JERSEY /139


Allen & Ginter Details – A Classic!

March 16, 2010

Its coming..get ready for it again in June!!! There is something about Allen & Ginter that gets me and alot of people I know in the hobby excited! This year is no different, can’t wait for June already! Here are some details, more pictures to follow later this week!



Base Cards (300 subjects)

Short-Printed Base Cards (50 subjects) Inserted 1:2.


Mini Parallel (1:1; short-prints 1:13)

Allen & Ginter Back (1:5; short-prints 1:65)

Allen & Ginter Black Bordered (1:10, short-prints 1:130)

Allen & Ginter No Number No card number (limited to 50)

Bazooka Back (hand #’d to 25)

Allen & Ginter Wood (hand #’d 1 of 1) HOBBY ONLY

Printing Plates (1 of 1)

Allen & Ginter Cloth Cards (Sequentially #’d to 10) HOBBY ONLY


Allen & Ginter Relics

Allen & Ginter DNA Relics Numbered 1 of 1.

Monsters of the Mesozoic Relics Numbered to 10.

Allen & Ginter Autographs

Allen & Ginter Red Autographs (hand #’d in red to 10).
RIP CARD (100 Subjects) 1 per case HOBBY ONLY.

Allen & Ginter Originals (1 of 1) –actual mini paintings found in Rip Cards. HOBBY ONLY.

Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusives (50 subjects) – Numbered 351-400 and found only in Rip Cards HOBBY ONLY

Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusives (50 subjects) – A parallel to the exclusives and found only in Rip Cards.
Lords of Olympus (25 subjects) – Featuring gods and creatures from Greek mythology. 1:12

Monsters of the Mesozoic (25 subjects) Featuring the most famous and ferocious dinosaurs. 1:12

World’s Greatest Wordsmiths (15 subjects) – Featuring writers from around the world who have come to be seen as a voice of their nation. 1:24

Sailors of the Seven Seas (10 subjects) – Featuring some of the greatest explorers from the golden age of discovery, e.g., Magellan, Columbus, etc. 1:24

National Animals (50 subjects) – Mini cards featuring the flag of a nation and an animal that represents or is associated with that nation, not necessarily the official national animal. 1:8

This Day in History (75 subjects) – Pairing 75 MLB stars with a historical event that occurred on their birthday. 1 per pack.

Baseball Highlights Sketches (15 subjects) Full-size cards featuring reproductions of sketch cards featuring some of the greatest baseball highlights of the year and all time. (1:10)

Allen & Ginter Book Cards (1 of 1) HOBBY ONLY

Cut Signatures (1 of 1)

The Ginter Code


N43 Boxloader (15)

N43 Boxloader Relic (10) Hand #’d to 25.

N43 Boxloader Autograph (10) Hand #’d to 15.

N43 Boxloader Autographed Relic (5) Hand #’d to 5.

Cabinet Boxloaders (10) – Cabinet card sized featuring 2-4 subjects (mini parallel cards) involved in a 2009 baseball highlight or great engineering achievement (e.g., building of the Brooklyn Bridge, construction of the Panama Canal).

Cabinet Relic Boxloaders (10) – Cabinet card sized featuring an over-sized, complete relic, such as a jersey nameplate or jersey-front number.

New Section – Not Your Ordinary Mets!

December 23, 2009

By now I am sure you know I am a fan of those loveable Mets. The other day when I was looking at all of the Mets cards in my collection, some of which I previously posted, it reminded me of the thrill I get when I pull a met insert or parrallel card.
That feeling has become the genesis of a new section here in my blog called “Not Your Ordinary Mets!”. As I open cases and boxes any serial #d, game used or autograph card usually goes into my collection. As that collection continues to grow, I will continue to share my additions with you. Here are some of the latest which I obtained from 2009 Triple Threads and 2009 Unique. Definitely Not Your Ordinary Mets!!
Play Ball America!
David Wright 2009 Triple Threads Base Card Sepia Parrallel #D /525

Johan Santana 2009 Topps Unique Alone At The top Insert Parrallel #d /99!

Jose Reyes 2009 Triple Threads Sepia Parralleld #d /525!

2009 Triple Threads – 6 Box Break!

December 11, 2009

Well there is always excitement when you rip a high end product. I don’t care if its once pack, one box or tons of cases. High end products rock! You can feel your hands shake a bit as you start to crack open those boxes! Tonight I took the plunge with some boxes of 2009 Triple threads. The jitters of course where there when opening it! LOL
The breaks were ok..nothing spectacular but it was fun! One thing that saved me was that discount that I was able to take advantage of. The 20% off saved me $200 which helps, because I might be in the red without that!
I will say that the designs on this year’s cards are awesome. Of the pulls that I had, the Paul Molitor and rickey Henderson relics are really nice. The colors jump out at you and for the Molitor it was nice to see different relics. I like the Orioles, triple relic auto as well. Someone made mention to me that it would have been nice to see a Ripken auto on there. That would’ve been great! Still liked the Bo Jackson and of course the Jose Reyes!
All of the hits are below…should be 12 in all…enjoy! Photobucket

Play Ball America!

Conquering The 2009 Heritage Pyramid – Day 1!

March 3, 2009

Finally my 2009 Heritage arrived! Not only was it almost delayed because of a snow storm in NY (Kudos to UPS for getting it to me!), but was I really going to just dive right into my Heritage cases now that they are here? Naaaahhhh!! That would be too easy. I had to create a little drama and excitement to this. So as a result we are proud to bring you…. “Conquering The 2009 Heritage Pyramid!”

Over the course of the next few days we will be navigating through this 2009 Heritage Pyramid. We will post our hits and comment on our likes and dislikes. Most of the stuff will end up on the bay…and given that we really haven’t had any readers yet, I can’t really tell what people want. That is of course except for Wax Heaven – all Marlins!

So without further ado…here are this hits from day one of conquering the Heritage Pyramid! All of these hits can be found in our ebay store ->















All in all, I have to see it was pretty decent first day. I was very happy with the 2 autos that I got. A Bill Harris Rookie Auto has to be great, and Fausto Carmona is probably one of the better guys on the some what weak auto checklist!
I was glad to see 2 David Wright Jersey cards. I always have a dilemma when it comes to Mets inserts.keep or sell? They made it easy for me…do both! The chrome refractors look VERY nice! While I didn’t post any here..of course I pulled a whole slew of the regular chromes.
As far as the inserts go, I have to be honest, I am getting a bit bored of the “flashbacks” inserts. The New Age performers are not as plentiful and I can tell that this insert set will be the one that gives me the most trouble building!

As far as the short prints go, it seems like they are $d 426 – 500. As i have started sorting what i have busted it is easy to tell that these #s are definitely the low stacks!

Come back for more tomorrow as we continue out conquest of the 2009 Heritage Pyramid!!

Play Ball America!