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Curtis Granderson Keeps A Blog

April 21, 2010

I stumbled upon a blog that I found pretty entertaining and I think I will become a follower only because I might want to help this guy out. Curtis Granderson submits occasional blog posts via Yahoo’s Big League Stew. You can check out his latest entry here.
I found this latest entry to be quite interesting. Of all the places to go shopping in NYC, Curtis goes to Target in the Bronx? Like I said, I will be reading this to help the guy out if he accepts comments!
Play Ball America!

Curtis Granderson At Target In NYC:


The 45,000,001st Reason To Dislike Manny Ramirez!

March 6, 2009

I love the game of baseball. I will say that over and over again and I will take it to the grave. My wife laughs, but I will take something baseball related with me 6 feet under when its time to go!

But despite my love for the game there is one thing that gets at me and its not just about baseball but in this world in general. That one thing is greed. Spotlight on Manny Ramirez. It is clear as day that this guy was trying to milk the Dodgers out of all the money he could. He finally settled as we all know for $45 million over 2 years and I think he did that only because he realized that the clockc was ticking and he needed to get into shape for the season. Congrats Manny, you got your freaking pay day. He came off at his press conference saying “I’d rather take a little less money to play 2 years in a place where I am happy instead of getting more money and playing 8 years where I will be unhappy.”
Nice quote Manny, very humbling my friend!! But let me ask you something, – Why don’t you do something worthy with some of your money? Enter George Washington High School in Washington Heights here in Manhattan. New York

For those of you who are not familiar with George Washington High School and where it is, while it is in Manhattan, that doesn’t necesarrily mean it shares the same surroundings as lets say Saks Fifth Avenue or the Trump Building. Washington Heights is in north Manhattan. Once you go north of 96th street in Manhattan alot of the glitz and glam that you find on 5th Avenue completely disappears. For the most part this part of Manhattan is full of lower income, mostly hispanic working immigrants who don’t have much money. Manny Ramirez is a product of this neighborhood and an alumnus of George Washington High School.


The school manages to put a quality team on the field season after season and last year they made it to the city championships. Heck, Manny Ramirez”s old hitting coach is still the manager of the boys baseball team there. But while the school’s big star is soaking up the sun in LA and raking in the millions, this baseball program is struggling to get by! A recent article in the NY Daily News wrote about how the kids at the school have to still buy their own uniforms and get this…after winning the title last year…they had to buy their own championship rings! There is only so much money that can be raised in local fundraisers and when the community that attends your fundraisers is poor as well, you won’t be raising alot of money!

To return back to my original gripe…greed my friends is an ugly thing. On a $45 million dollar contract I am sure that let’s say $50,000 would go a long way for a very successful program. Heck…if you learned your swing there, don’t you think you owed it to them? I just wonder who some of these players think they are? Personally…what would I do with all those millions? I would be happy and most likely set for life with just a half a million? I am sure the GW High School team would be satisfied with alot less if it came from Mr Money Ramirez!

Play Ball America!