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Ike Davis Watch – 4/27/10

April 27, 2010

Ike Davis Watch:
Weekend Stats:
1 for 7, 2 Runs, 1 RBI, 1 HR, 2 Walks

2010 Stats
R -5
HR -1
RBI -2
BB -3
KO -7
SB -0
BA- 0.3182

The rookie continues to impress. He hasn’t come in and become a HR machine for the Mets but he has consistently gotten on base either via a walk, a hit or any other method. He is killing lefties right now as he is batting .667 against them. That’s something the Mets definitely needed! Defensively, he’s played in 59 innings so far…and no errors! I bet you I just jinxed
Play Ball America,


Ike Davis Watch 04/21/10

April 21, 2010

Ike Davis Watch:
Last Night:
0 for 3, 1 Run, 1 Walk

2010 Stats
R -1
HR -0
RBI -1
BB -1
KO -2
SB -0
BA- 0.2857
Not a good second game for the rook. He did manage to draw a walk but maybe Carlos Zambrano intimidated the kid a bit? Lets see how he bounces back tonight vs Carlos Silva who has been pitching well since coming to the Cubs!

2009 Topps Heritage Rip- Because Patience Is Not A Virtue Here!

March 2, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Rip- Because Patience Is Not AVirtue Here!

Ok…so I got the word from distributor on Friday that I would not get my cases of 2009 Heritage til Monday. My initial response would be “I spent all that money with you and I have to wait a weekend to rip while the rest of the world is ripping?”. But with the way Topps is printing cards this year…I guess I was kind of lucky just to be able to get cases of this stuff. I am hearing it is hard to find. So I calmly took a breath and said “Ok…we’ll wait til Monday then.”
Since my wife was glad that she would not have to deal with ripping this weekend we decided to go shopping at the Palisade Mall. And of course, I get lured in by the sports collectibles store and again, of course, they have 2009 Topps Heritage! And as it says in the title…because patience is not a virtue, I had to buy a few packs despite the fact that I have cases coming tomorrow!!
Worth a mention…this guy wanted $90 for the box. Now I had never been to this store so I wasn’t going to argue with the guy but at $90/box…that’s over $1000 a case!!! I now go back to my pone call with my distributor and say to myself…I’m just glad I got in on some cases of this stuff!
Here are the 5 pack rips!
MOJO off the bat – Manny Ramirez – Game Used Jersey! Ok…so maybe being impatient can pay off!! LOL


Evan Longoria (All Star Rookie)
Martinez & Shoppach Indian Backstops
Kevin Youkilis
Jack Cust
Jose Reyes – NICE !!

Jimmy Rollins – Funny, they came in the same pack and right next to each other! LOL


Aaron Boone
John Russell
Jonathan Broxton
Justin Duchscher
Hunter Pence
News Flashback – First Presidential Debate
Alex Rios
Votto, Encarnacion, Bruce – Cincy Clouters


Chris Lambert Rookie Card!
Alex Cintron
Joey Votto
Carlos Lee
Philadelphia Phillies Team Card <br.
Ricky Nolasco
Miguel Cabrera
Kila Ka’aihue Rookie Card!

John Lackey Chrome Parrallell – Nice Chrome Cards this year!
Jair Jurrjens
Brandon Inge
Grady Sizemore
Garrett Atkins
Joakim Soria
Kosuke Fukudome
Brad Ziegler

Baseball Flashback – Brooks Robinson

Roy Halladay #497 – I Believe a short print???

Mike Gonzalez

Ronny Paulino
Joe Blanton

Kyle Kendrick

Gregor Blanco
Bob Geren


That’s all for now! I will have a whole bunch of heritage ripping starting tomorrow…check back daily for the hits…and the misses!!

Play Ball America!