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Should A-Rod’s MVP’s Be Stripped?

February 21, 2009

Ok…I know…enough of A-Rod. Yeah so we all know that the guy took “bole” and we all know that he didn’t know what he was doing…or like he would like to say “I was young and stupid”. But lets thinkk about one valid point here. What about the numbers he put up? The MVP awards he won…should he rightfully own the title of MVP lets say in 2003?
First of all, I have no clue how he won the MVP award in 2003? There was much buzz about Carlos Delgado that year and the numbers out there kind of back that up!
Delgado – 42 HRS, 145 RBIS, 302 AVG
Rodriguez – 47 HPS, 118 RBIS, 298 AVG

To me it looks like the only place where A-Rod had the edge was on home runs. Now if these home were as a result of being young and stupid then clearly Delgado has the advantage here and should rightfully be awarded the 2003 MVP Award. I think baseball has to reconsider revising records and awards if need be, and they should start with A-Rod!