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Curtis Granderson Keeps A Blog

April 21, 2010

I stumbled upon a blog that I found pretty entertaining and I think I will become a follower only because I might want to help this guy out. Curtis Granderson submits occasional blog posts via Yahoo’s Big League Stew. You can check out his latest entry here.
I found this latest entry to be quite interesting. Of all the places to go shopping in NYC, Curtis goes to Target in the Bronx? Like I said, I will be reading this to help the guy out if he accepts comments!
Play Ball America!

Curtis Granderson At Target In NYC:

A ‘Tweet’y Bird Told Me…

December 13, 2009

As many of you might now, I have finally found Twitter and it has started to become and obsession of mine! Its enabled me to get a little bit of insight into the daily happenings of certain ball players and at the same time help keep with with the latest news. I decided, why not share this information with all of my readers? From time to time I will post a this column “A Tweety Bird Told Me…” and I will bring you in my opiniong the latest things that baseball players or baseball beat writers have tweeted. I’ve already raised my eyebrows and some of the messages I’ve received. Feel free to comment!
A Tweety Bird Told Me That
-Mets might have already made an offer to John Lackey!

-Nick Swisher of the NY Yankees encourages everyone to ‘Give’ this Holiday season!

-Blake hawksworth of The St. Louis Cardinals is a big UFC Fan!

-Tommy Lasorda is in the Dominican Republic where he loves eating the native food “Mondongo” (LOL)
-John Lannan of the Nationals gets his butt kicked by an 11 year old in Air Hockey at ESPN Zone (LMAO)
-Colorado Rockies allow Garrett Atkins to become a free agent!
-Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers is a huge Lakers fan and he just got a new tattoo
-Evan Longoria welcomes Rafael Soriano to the Rays!
-Cincinatti Reds announce that tickets go on sale today (Sunday) for their first spring training game.

That’s all for now!
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Lights, Camera, Chapman!

December 10, 2009

21 years old, just left behind everything you ever had and ever knew, and the bright lights are about to shine down on you in hopes that it makes you an instant millionaire. What do you have to lose right? Thus is the plight of Aroldis Chapman. Next week the young man travels to Houston where he will put on a special pitching showcase for some of MLBs top scouts. Some of the teams that will be watching include the usual ‘fat wallet’ teams – Yankees, Red Sox, Angels and Mets. But this youngster has other teams attention too, the Orioles, Tigers, Phillies, Rangers and Royals are supposedly interested as well.
In this year of thin pitching talent, the market for a young flamethrower has made Aroldis a big target. So with this much hype, what does this do to his card sales? Wait, there are no cards of him, except of course those annoying WBC cards that everyone has been bashing on every board and blog around. Guess what, people are driving the prices of those cards up! I mean you have to laugh at this right? All you hear is “Damn those WBC cards!!” and “Who cares about those WBC players!” .
15 cards in total are currently up on ebay. The one with the highest bid on it is a blue refractor version of you guessed it, his WBC card. So I guess its safe to say, if you have your WBC cards socked away in a corner somewhere or in that box of “annoying” useless cards, go over and take a look and pull out your Aroldis Chapman cards. Hopefully you weren’t like me who sold a Topps Chrome Red refractor version for about $30 bucks a few months ago…LOL. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself!! But if you do have them, get ready, you might be in for a nice treat if he signs with a big market team that will give him exposure. Just hope that success in the US does not go to his head. Remember, he is 21 years, can be a bit erratic, and he may like the limelight a bit too much, just take a look at this story.
So next week, be on the lookout for his showcase, it will definitely be Lights, Camera, Chapman!
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Aroldis Chapman:
According to major league scouts, Chapman’s fastball has been clocked as high as 102 MPH. Chapman bats and throws left-handed. He is listed at 6′ 4″ and 180 pounds. His is reportedly 21 years old.
WBC Stats:
0-1, 5.68 in two starts, 8-K, 4-BB, 6.1-IP
Photobucket Photobucket

MEMO TO OMAR MINAYA – Your Mission Is To Sign Doc Holliday

December 9, 2009

As some of you might know I am a pained Met fan. Yes one of those guys that before last year so his teams hopes dashed away at the hands of the Florida Marlins. Last year…well, I didn’t even see the end because I gave up on the team I believe it was in June. when Luis Castillo dropped his easy pop fly against the Yankees! Now I know last year was a nightmare and mostly due to all of the injuries that the team had. To me no excuse, injuries happen. But the main problem for the team was pitching. Lets be honest, after Johan Santana, the Mets had no one! They should have gotten Pedro last year but Minaya did not want to listen to the fans or the critics. What did Pedro do? Make it all the way to the World Series with the Phillies and he looked pretty damn good doing it to! To be honest the Phillies went to the World Series with their heavy hitting team and lost to the Yankees only because after Cliff Lee, they didn’t have a pitcher either.
Do you see a pattern here? If you have 2 quality studs, like the Yankees did (Sabathia and Burnett) you have a legitimate shot at a quality post season run.
So I woke up this morning for some reason hell bent with the desire to reach out to Omar Minaya (as if I could???), your mission my friend and it might help to save your job is to sign Roy Halladay now! Who knows if any of the rest of the banged up crew on the Mets will come back and have a healthy year this year. And who knows if David Wright will ever top 10 HRs a season again (talk about fantasy flops!). But if you have 2 quality starters, you’ve improved your team considerably already! As of right now, the Phillies still only have one quality starter. Common sense tells you that if you have quality starters, that you are at least better than the Phillies on the pitching side. And we’ve seen Halladay pitch in the American League, bring him to pitcher friendly Citi Field and I can honestly say you are looking at an easy 20 game winner!

The stage is set again like it was for Santana 2 years ago. The Red Sox and the Yankees may not want to give up enough to get Halladay. Now is the time for Minaya and the mets to swoop in and steal Halladay. This is a move Minaya has to make before the fans start making their move away from Citi Field. Last year they were lucky to sell seats since it was its inaugural year. Without Halladay it may be a ghost town at “Taxpayer field”! Yes there are other moves that he has to make at well but none are as vital to the team’s success in 2010 as this one is.
Imagine the Mets rotation going 1, 2 in this order…
Someone forward this to Omar Minaya please!!
Play Ball America!